Dental health and radiant white smile-the result of careful and regular oral care, including a set of hygienic procedures, proper diet and professional dental care. The importance of these activities can not be underestimated, because they guarantee the absence of future problems with the jaw. Our online magazine will help you easily find information about the rules of oral hygiene, diseases and methods of treatment of teeth, both adults and children. With our help, you can easily understand the variety of modern methods of dental restoration, prosthetics and the cost of different dental procedures.

     Our website is dedicated to the oral health, brings to your attention useful and reliable information on the themes connected with a variety of dental problems: in the section of pediatric dentistry presented complications and diseases that children and parents may face during the process of eruption and development of primary and permanent teeth; dental treatment section will acquaint readers with recognised methods and remedies to get rid of many diseases of the jaw, beginning from the superficial caries to complex forms of pulpitis, periodontitis, etc.; in the Chapter orthodontics describes effective ways to get rid of malocclusion and pathological location of crowns; heading prosthetics Orient in the process of choosing a prosthesis, talk about the basic rules for its use and care; in the Chapter surgery discusses the best methods of removing damaged teeth and roots, describes recommendations for oral care after surgery; section implantation will help you choose the most suitable option for the restoration of lost incisors, fangs and molars and familiarize visitors with the prices for these procedures; aesthetic dentistry will tell the reader how to properly care for your teeth, and what procedures should pay attention.

    In addition to therapeutic techniques, you have the opportunity to get acquainted with a huge number of reviews of dental products for oral hygiene. Advantages and disadvantages of toothbrushes, pastes, braces, floss or implants of different manufacturers will help you to choose the best option that suits your situation. Our online magazine is interested in you to quickly find the information you need. In addition, we are interested in your opinion about modern methods of treatment, prosthetics and dental implants, reviews of manufacturers of hygienic tools and drugs. For this purpose, feedback is created – you can ask a question or leave your feedback in the comments section, which completes each article of the information portal. We hope that our online magazine will help you to find the material you are interested in and get rid of annoying problems with the oral cavity.