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All of us think often about wellness and appearance, and our mouth is one of the main things that makes a contribution to our well-being and good-looking. Someone has good teeth from their birth and others are not so lucky. Fortunately, the human race has solutions to this problem. There are different methods for fixing your teeth and here we compare two of them — braces and Invisalign. Usually, people can’t decide what to choose, because both of this methods are good enough, but have some disadvantages. Everyone wants to have the healthy teeth and doesn’t want to spend much money (Invisalign cost is bigger than for simple braces), and everyone doesn’t want to fix their teeth again after treatment. Therefore it is important to choose the best method to make your mouth healthy.

Braces vs Invisalign: getting straight to the basics of two systems

These two methods act differently in your mouth. Braces help your smile to get straighter with special metal brackets, which attach to your mouth with rubber strips. There are few variations of braces to make the wearing process more comfortable. You can choose more interesting and unusual braces of bright colours if you like to look unusual or you might install almost invisible braces that help you live your regular life.

Invisalign differs from braces completely. This system is known from the 2000s and it became frequently used. Invisalign is a system of plastic cells that connected one to another. It works softer than braces and it is invisible at all. Your dentist can choose various ways to create an Invisalign system for you. Commonly used methods for making Invisalign are the creation of impression and making X-ray pictures.

Braces vs Invisalign system, which will work best for you?

Here we consider in detail the disadvantages and advantages of both systems.

Braces is a well-known tool for teeth fixing that consists of metal and enamel or colour plates (if extra paid). This system cannot be absolutely invisible. You need to bear it twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week because braces don’t mean your ability to take off them. The time of braces treatment is about 24 months depending on the complexity and client’s desires. The braces price is in range 2000 – 6000 dollars and also relies on the complexity and additional functions like coloured or enamel plates instead of metal ones. For cleaning braces usual brush is used and also a special small brush to get hard-to-reach places, also it will be good to use an oral irrigator. To get the best result it is necessary to visit the dentist one time per month, and also, as mentioned above, you cannot get a break from braces. This system is more effective in difficult cases and it is impossible to forget to put them on because they are always on you. The main disadvantages of this system are the ache from bearing them, also difficulties with eating tough food and the teeth can change their colour often while using braces. Braces are not very good for people who like wrestling or other traumatic kinds of sports.

On the contrary, Invisalign doesn’t have any colour and is invisible completely. You live with the system 22-24 hours in a day, i.e. you can get rid of the system for a while to clean your teeth and the Invisalign itself and also you can eat like before using Invisalign. The necessity of using the system usually is in the range from six months to 2,5 years, that is a little longer than with using braces. Average Invisalign cost is five thousands dollars. To do your regular hygiene procedures, it is possible to use a special cleaning system or to wash invisalign cells with water. The best result is provided in case you change invisalign cells one time in two weeks and visit your dentist approximately one time in 1,5 month. The person who uses invisalign must have self-discipline and not forget to put invisalign again after cleaning. The advantages of the system are the trays invisibility and the possibility of removing, also you won’t have difficulties with any kinds of food and you forget about the pain that usual when you use brackets. The disadvantages of the system are an inconvenience from moving process in your mouth, the necessity to get rid of the system before your meals and to spent time for cleaning the teeth after eating. The Invisalign is not very good for the patients who have dental bridges, and needs to rotate their teeth or move them vertically. It is necessary to remember to put on the Invisalign system again after eating or cleaning.

How does Invisalign system work?

This system of invisible trays is more comfortable if you remember about the necessity to put them on after eating or cleaning. Eating and cleaning using Invisalign are much simpler, but it is not very convenient to bring your toothbrush everywhere. It is very annoying in common places also. Besides, Invisalign cost is bigger than the braces price and if you have a more complex case with rotating or dental bridges or difficulties with the farthest teeth, it cannot help. You must advise with a good orthodontist to decide if this system might help you or not.

Are you a Teen or considering Invisalign system for your Teen?

The Invisalign cost for a teen is comparable with braces, but this system doesn’t have the issues being usual for braces. With the system you can afford to eat what you want, also, if you’ve lost the system, there are replacements for it in the usual set. Invisalign doesn’t cause any pain while using, but you must not forget to put the trays on to get the best result.

Can’t decide between Invisalign vs braces systems?

It is not so simple choice, so to make the right decision it is important to ask your orthodontist to tell you about both systems.

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