Bright Teeth & Fresh Breath! Oral Care Routine

Bright Teeth & Fresh Breath! Oral Care Routine

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This is my oral care routine! What works for me works for me, but may not work for you. Always consult a professional and see a dentist regularly.

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Step 1: Scrape my tongue with a spoon. I like spoons because they’re cheap, reusable, and everyone has one. If you don’t do this already, I highly recommend it because it’ll make your morning breath SO much better.

Step 2: Take a very soft bristle toothbrush and lightly brush the area where the gums and teeth meet to loosen build-up. I use an ionic toothbrush by Dr. Tung. I also often add a tooth serum on top, I use the Yogi Tooth Serum by Living Libations or the Neem Enamelizer Liquid by Living Libations. Be careful with your gums and never brush too hard. You could have receding gums or be too harsh on your enamel.

Step 3: I take an electronic toothbrush and polish my teeth. I’m saving up for a Sonic toothbrush because I’ve heard very good things, but I currently use an Oral B electric toothbrush. For toothpaste, I’ve been using the Healthy Gums Clay Toothpaste normally, or the TruthTooth Powder on a day where I ate tons of acidic fruit. Be careful with baking soda, too much is not a good thing for the teeth because it is quite abrasive.

Step 4: Floss, I use the Dr. Tung’s floss with natural wax coating and I use my thumb and index finger to coat it with Healthy Gums Essential Oil just to help fight bacteria in my gum area. I like this floss because it’s thick but not too thick (or thin), and it stretches nicely to really get in there. You can floss before, Terry prefers before and I used to as well but after has been working for me too!

Step 5: Incase I bit my tongue, have a canker sore, or ate a ton of sharp food, I use a saltwater rinse that I make at home. I make it with one ounce of salt and sixteen ounces of almost boiling water and let it sit in my bathroom for when I need it.

Morning Step: Just to fix any morning-breath issues and physically loosen up build-up. I do an oil pulling every morning when I wake up with a bit of coconut oil and some essential oil blend. I leave the oil in for 20 minutes while I’m getting ready and make sure to spit it all out and rinse my mouth. After that, I will eat breakfast and do the rest of my teeth routine after my first meal.

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This video was not sponsored by Living Libations, I just really like their products. Terry uses a simplified version of my routine with a generic toothpaste, regular toothbrush used with care, tongue scrape, Healthy Gum Drops, floss (and he flosses first) with good results. All of these opinions are my own regarding teeth care. Consult a professional if regardless of what you do with your teeth. Seeing a dentist regularly is an essential part of my regimen. Don’t worry too much about having ridiculously white teeth, healthy teeth often come in slightly yellow shades. Hope you enjoy the video!

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