The Connection Between Dental Health and Glaucoma: True Facts

Can a tooth infection spread to your eye? Glaucoma continues to be a major public health problem. Not so long time ago scientists have found out that our dental hygiene is connected with such disease as glaucoma. Despite this recent discovery, there are facts that if you don’t watch over your mouth health, this could provoke the formation of glaucoma, which can develop into open-angle glaucoma over time.

What Is Glaucoma And Why Is It Dangerous?

Glaucoma is an illness, which is characterized by an increase in intraocular pressure development of visual impairments, and a decrease in visual acuity. At the same time, the vision decreases, up to offensive of a blindness. One of the main external signs is pupil discolouration – its repainting in a greenish or azure shade. In the USA one of the most eurysynusic forms of such illness is open-angle glaucoma. It develops at liquid outflow disturbance (watery moisture) from the forward camera of an eye due to impassability of drainage system. It leads to a liquid clump in this area, to rising of eye pressure and gradual long squeezing of an optic nerve. The insidiousness of this disease is that, as a rule, it progresses imperceptibly. An eye looks good, and a person mostly doesn’t feel rising of intraocular pressure. At early stages, only the ophthalmologist at routine inspection can diagnose illness.

Does Poor Dental Health Cause Glaucoma? Scientist’s opinion

So what do scientists think about this disease? Louis Pasquale, from Harvard Medical School, for example, believes that teeth and braces infection could release painful processes, which may form dangerous disease. If there were additional researches, it would be possible to assume that maintenance of the oral cavity as it should be can minimize the risk of developing the illness.

Eye Conditions And Dental Health: Other Problems

One of the most dangerous eyes conditions is mercurialism which may have an effect on your eyes, and cataracts. Cataracts is the state bound to a phacoscotasmus of an eye and causing various degrees of a visual disturbance up to its full loss. As for mercurialism, as a result of long impact of steams of Hydrargyrum on a human body, it can be observed: a lesion of an optic nerve, disturbance of eye vessels, inflammatory and degenerative changes, a phacoscotasmus and corneas, destructive changes of a vitreous, narrowing of peripheric border of a field of vision, the increased intraocular pressure. Also, the visual acuity and light sensitivity decrease. The colour vision is broken. Cataracts may be developed from mercurialism, too. Fortunately, people can facilitate the state buying medicines from the drugstore.

Can a Tooth Infection Cause an Eye Infection? Possibilities and Risks

If your teeth are hurt, this can be painful for you and, unfortunately, this can a tooth infection spread to your eye and other parts of you.

Also if you don’t prevent your body from the infection, one dangerous disease may appear. Scientists call it cavernous cottage of a sinus, which is rather dangerous for health and requires fixed observation of the specialist.

Does Tooth Extraction Affect Eyesight: Facts

Despite people’s fears that if teeth are connected with eyes, then their extraction may cause serious problems with the eyes. Fortunately, it is most likely a lie. There weren’t any experiments that proved such information.

Dental Health for People With Glaucoma: Conclusion

Unfortunately, there are no special recommendations for people with this disease. Until additional researches are conducted, you should adhere the same care of your teeth. Also, you should listen to your doctor, follow all his instructions, keep the correct diet and a work-rest schedule.

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