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In case you have a good habit to take care of health, including regular monitoring of the oral cavity and teeth and want to prevent any illnesses your orthodontist could commend straightening out your teeth with Invisalign care system. In case you want to have a beautiful smile as well you care how you look like, you again apply for straightening out your teeth. The solution is Invisalign. Agree that the main issue on the starting point is an investigation of the cost question of Invisalign and its comparison with braces: price and convenience. What to choose? First, you are to do, that is to get detailed advice from a specialist who practices both treatments: braces and Invisalign.

Covering the Hard Costs of Invisalign: prices

Invisalign costs can start from two thousand dollars up to $8,000 or more; this price spread is easy to explain in each individual case. Your dentist or orthodontist who takes care for your Invisalign as a straightening solution, can easily give you approximate teeth straightening cost for Invisalign in total and estimate an insurance coverage. Remember that Invisalign is classified as “orthodontic” treatment and in accordance with the statistical reports from different sour

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The name of such a dental problem as “tartar” is unlikely to tell you much. But this is worth knowing to everyone who wants to have healthy teeth. Dentists often face such a disease, which is due to poor hygiene and is a sign of more serious dental diseases.

Do you know what is Tartar?

Tartarus, to put it in plain language, is a raid on your teeth. But this is not an ordinary raid. Tartar teeth, this is a hardened plaque that has a brown or white colour. This is also called dental calculus. You are more likely to get tartare if you smoke or have a problem with dry mouth. Dental plaque – adhesive layers on the surface of tooth enamel, the basis of which are clusters of microorganisms and their exchange products. Plaque is formed on the tooth crown (especially on contact surfaces, in fissures, indentations, pits, cervical region, interdental spaces), and also along and below the gingival margin. Dental plaque in dentistry refers to non-mineralized dental deposits and can occur at any age. Its surface is covered with a mucoid film, so dental plaque is not washed away by saliva and water but can be partially removed during meals. A few hours after complete removal of plaque appears again. If there are more

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We all know who dentists are and their main duties at work. But do you know who a dental hygienist is, how he can be described and what are his functions in a dentistry?He plays a significant role in the dentist’s team you may address to. They work under the supervision of licensed dentists in almost every dentists’ offices., this healthcare has already worked with you, but you didn’t realize it.

So What Does a Dental Hygienist Do?

In short, this specialist occupies in basic dental services, especially preventing variable oral diseases and curing them. They usually work beside with a dentist and help him to solve different complicated but interesting assignments, in particular:

  • They make screening of an oral cavity;
  • Taking and printing x-rays to treat your teeth;
  • Just clean teeth with traditional dental methods;
  • Often apply sealants to prevent tooth decay;
  • Only assist to a dentist in cosmetic dentistry;
  • Consult clients on how to prevent decay etc.

Hygienists can obtain a license to provide anaesthesia or to issue a prescription for brackets sizes and so long. They also participate in dental researches and do usually paperwork in a dentistry. You

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Modern revolutionary aligners are considered to be a great alternative to old metal braces and are used to improve teeth and your smile. When thinking of the cost of Invisalign and dental braces, one should remember that not only money matter in the modern world. Nowadays people judge by appearance. The Invisalign cost is quite reasonable because it is a great investment in your own image. Although metal braces are cheaper, they are much more inconvenient in usage. So overpayment for Invisalign system is quite reasonable. Let s look at the benefits of this new system.

Certain Invisalign Benefits Over Braces

Invisalign has got quite apparent perks in comparison with metal braces. Here you can read some of them:

  1. Are you fond of tasty food? You cannot imagine your life without your favourite snack? It is no longer a problem. You can forget about your forced diet. Invisalign provides a great possibility to eat what and when you want. Just remove the aligner trays from your mouth and enjoy your tasty meal. Then brush the teeth and put the aligners back. You will not have to deal with the small bits of food stuck in your braces. And that is great.
  2. Your image will not suffer. In compari

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As you might know, it is recommended to visit a dentist twice a year. Sometimes it happens that a stomatologist relegates a client to an oral surgeon and it really makes the one, who anticipates such a procedure, feel afraid and even scared. However, to all intents and purposes, there is no need for this. Let us introduce to you the part of dentology, that is termed as an oral surgery, and clarify all details with a view answering the question “What does an oral surgeon do?”

Distinguishing Dental Duties: What is Oral Surgery in Dentistry?

To begin with, it will be useful to know that oral surgery and facio-maxillary surgery exist like twins. While oral surgery takes care of your mouth, facio-maxillary surgery is in charge of your face and jaws. So what does an oral and maxillo-facial surgeon do? If a person has a trauma of the head, neck, face, jaws or hard and soft oral tissues the surgeon will diagnosticate, cure them or conduct an operation where required. Across the globe, oral and maxillo-facial surgery is regarded as a separate interventional discipline. In a real sense the one, who intends to be identified as an oral surgeon in the future, after four year

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Are you at a loss thinking how would your appearance changes due to the aligning of your teeth and how it will affect your life in the near and in the distant future? Then have a glance at the “before and after” photos of patients who have already decided on this step. Get ready for a surprise because of such course of treatment that changes smile greatly. Mainly people put on brackets in order to correct teeth or just prevent larger disease of the oral cavity, but some people wishing to cure teeth. Do braces change your face strikingly or it is just a myth? We will learn later. We also know that straight teeth are much easier to brush, what not to say about crowded or crooked. And if you really take care of what happens in your mouth and often visit a dentist, you should know that it is easier for a dentist to work on straight teeth. Below is a short review on this issue with all popular flaws.

Braces Change the Shape of the Face Slightly

All human faces have a slight asymmetry in more or less degree. Facial asymmetry of some people is especially expressive, usually in the mouth area. Exactly braces give the face symmetry over a long time and gradually people see how their face look i

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Invisalign is a good option for people who aren`t followers of trays or metal braces, which tend to be visible, but you still want to straighten your teeth. New technology offers you such opportunity, but of course, it`s not for free and even it`s not so cheap, as you would think. Lots of patients ask us whether their insurance can cover Invisalign. Unfortunately, yes. Anyway, everything mostly will be related to your insurance carrier. In North Carolina, it can provide you with partly cover the cost of Invisalign insurance, allowing to get from its cover at least 25%-50% of the overall cost. Nevertheless, such aid from your insurer goes along with so-called lifetime limitations, which amount to on the average $1750 or as a maximum being like $3500, minimum – %1000. Yet if you go to the dentist to align the teeth it should be considered a health problem. However, you’re able to turn around difficulty with lifetime limitations. In case you have serious problems with your jaw and teeth which should be essentially treated with medical help, then you can use the following help. It`s obvious the insurers will ask you for proofs in order to be convinced that you are really in need of Invisalign insurance. Such as for instance, your insurance company would like to know the following problems: your current alignment increases the chances of tooth decay

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When a moment comes and you submitted the wearing braces for the teeth to get even and beautiful, do not take that process too seriously. There is something that is going to make this period light and fun, a colourful brace. However, whether it is a safety device or to get such bright colours some chemicals may be used? Anyway if you decide to use them, which colour will fit you the most?

What Can Give Braces Their Colors?

Actually, the braces itself include a lot of parts: here comes the brackets and archway, bands made of metal and of rubber also (elastics, that go get around the brackets). In fact, there is an option for you to hide the treatment from the public. You can ask for discreet braces, ceramic. You will not have to get used to your new appearance and never be ashamed of your smile if there are some complexes. Obviously, in that case, colourful braces might not interest you at all, but still, minds tend to be changed now and then. But if you are fearless and do not afraid of any changes, you will have ordinary steel braces of silver colour, being easily switched to another bright one whenever you want it to. As elastics are changed regularly, at least every 6 weeks, you have a great chance to ch

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Brackets are supposed to make your smile more attractive in different ways. Still, do brackets really hurt? More interesting why do people suffer from it at the beginning of the course of treatment? To set out in short: Unaccustomed to such impact your teeth make themselves felt and start to hurt. This pressure results in susceptible gums and at the same rate in sensitive teeth.

The Longer Answer to how Braces Work Actually?

Brackets under a certain tension gradually shift your teeth through the soft gum tissue in the mouth. It happens via wires linking with brackets inside, which at result are attached to teeth. At a quite slow speed, your teeth are moved by the wires pulled the brackets forward. So, you feel continuous and minor pressure in the mouth; it explains the sensitivity of the gums. You get used to it over the time, but once you decided to bite something solid, the pressure turns into sharp pain, quite tolerable. Braces are also often unbearable as wires and brackets take much place in the oral cavity. Some brackets are famous for their dangerous sharp edges, at times wires poke into the gums or even your cheek. The solution of the disease is a bit of dental wax applied to the zone that irritates you most

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