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Everyone knows that a careful tooth cleaning simply two or three minutes two times a day is a guarantee of a healthy and attractive oral cavity. Benefits of electric toothbrush However, have you or your family member ever heard of the numerous benefits of electric toothbrushes? Maybe you have heard something, but let’s figure it out together. There are significant benefits in using them. It can simplify our daily routine of caring for the oral cavity. In accordance with the latest research, the appliance of an electric toothbrush has a lot of merits than a regular one. For instance, it is possible to decrease plaque by eleven per cent during 1, 2 or 3 months and by twenty-one percents for three months as opposed to usual brushing. It reduces the danger of gum inflammation as well. Research participants could see a 6% decrease in inflamed gum provided that they were making use of an electric toothbrush for 1-3 month, and an 11% reduction as the result of 6 months using. These benefits cannot be described as insignificant bacteria and seriously inflamed gums can cause gingivitis and periodontitis, also known as gum disease, which can lead to more hazard diseases like coronary, mental deficiency and strokes (CVA)

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If you have ever been interested in the condition of oral health within the United States and throughout the world, dental statistics is just the thing for you. Find out more information on dental health in the following passages and dental statistics provided there.

Oral Health Is in Fact Critical for Most Adults in America

The study of the well-known American Dental Association Health Policy Institute conducted recently indicated that the majority of growers living in America answered they consider their dental health being well. Actually, the study shows that the absolute majority (95 percent) of those surveyed believed that their oral health had extremely huge importance for well-being in totality. Over four-fifths of them thought that a beautiful smile is a key to a success in private life and career. A white smile makes you feel better.

The Average Person Throughout the World Maintains a Simple Oral Health Routine

Most adults adhere to comparatively simple oral health procedures. For example, more than 40 percent of growers in the UK use only a simple toothbrush and a toothpaste to keep up their dental health. Less than 33 percent of the surveyed use mouthwash, and less than

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After 37 years of being recommended by the federal government, the recommendation for the use of dental floss was removed from their website in 2016. Does flossing help ? This was explained by the statement that the effectiveness and advantages of using floss have not been researched enough. But the government wasn’t the only institution to have suspicions towards this method of cleaning your teeth. The same year the Associated Press, too, released a report questioning the validity of flossing, one of the most used methods of dental hygiene. Nevertheless, many organizations and professionals assure that using dental floss still is helpful and it is not worth breaking this habit. Especially as the benefit of the usage of dental floss is questioned merely by the insufficient amount of time invested into conducting research. So dentists continue to stick to the recommendation and the usage of floss. It has quite some benefits other methods of dental hygiene can’t boast of, such as reducing the probability of gum inflammation etc. But even with just cleaning the spaces between your teeth, flossing remains a very important part of your daily dental routine. Here is why and what makes it so special:

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With the advent of spring, we admire the budding buds in the trees and enjoy the smell of the first flowers. But with this, toothache, which is called allergies tooth pain, can come. A mild winter in California can cause discomfort in the teeth a month earlier than usual, while in other parts of the country seasonal toothaches are just beginning to disturb the population. Reports and statistics show that in 2018 there will be another such season.

Did you know though that these pollen-induced allergies can create toothache symptoms this spring?

When pollen or other allergens enter the human body during this period, it begins to irritate the receptors on the upper layer of the skin. The immune system tries to protect itself from this trouble and secrete mucus that can accumulate inside. It also happens that in the so-called “sinuses” that are on the upper part of the mouth, due to allergic reactions, the liquid can accumulate, as a result of which swelling occurs and the upper part of the mouth begins to press on the nerves adjacent to the teeth. Pressure leads to a decrease in blood flow in the adjacent vessels and irritation of the nerves. This explains a spring toothache. You can feel this pain in the area o

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Pregnancy is an extremely difficult and rather challenging thing in life of every woman. Everything changes in your body.Unexpectedly, your body and especially your teeth and gums feel different during this period. Often, you can feel teeth pain while pregnant when you Wake up in the morning or during the meal. It’s very important to keep your body health, especially everything that is connected with your teeth should be in right condition not to influence your child.Observe the details of changes that happen in your mouth to be ready to cope with some discomfort. teeth pain while pregnant The sensibility of the teeth Sometimes it can happen that the mouth would feel every cold and hot food. It can concern whole mouth or just some part or particle. You may feel that your gums and teeth pinch or pulsate during drinking or eating something cold or warm and you had never had such feelings before being pregnant. Sensibility is able to alter its volumes. It’s interesting to know that there are such hormones like estrogen and progesterone in the body and their amount grows every day. They influence the way the blood flows and it leads to great amount of it in the gums, that’s why the sensibility of your gums is s

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Scientists conducted some studies and examinations which showed that human enamel is very strong.We may consider that to be a fact, but at the same time why do we hear lots of info about teeth, and especially tooth enamel problems? How come that the strongest body part, sometimes, is one of the weakest and suffering from different kind of diseases and erosions? Our lifestyle and product quality provoke various problems connected with enamel. But is there something an ordinary person can do in order to improve the state of the enamel? How can you repair tooth enamel? tooth enamel

What are the main causes of enamel erosion?

Enamel erosion is something you have no control over, it just happens or not. There are lots of reasons and causes of this unpleasant dental issue. The main reasons are food with high sugar containing, such as sweets, sodas and different drinks. Dry mouth is another cause. An interesting fact is, even if you have a difficult period in life and every day you feel stressed, your teeth will, likely, be damaging in the future, due to the stress situations. So, acidic food has a great influence on your teeth enamel and dental health, be careful wit

Have you ever thought that floss picks is a first-class way to keep your teeth clean? Floss picks helps You keep your teeth healthy and clean. Have you ever thought about the health of your teeth and gums? How many times a day do you clean your teeth? What do you think about floss picks? Do use different types of flosses? How many types of flosses do you know? We will try to answer these questions in this article. It’s obvious that you should clean your teeth and it’s a part of everyday oral hygiene, but flossing takes the second place. This process helps to clean all the pathogenic microorganisms and pieces of food that were stuck between the teeth, and sometimes you can’t do it during cleaning teeth. We know 2 types of flossing, an ordinary spool with some meters of thread and a special instrument called a floss pick. These instruments present a slender thread made of fiber covered with some soft substance like wax and it can clean all the hard-hitting places in your mouth in a very delicate way. Now we have to decide which instrument can cope with this task better. What differs these types?  floss picks Something about the dental floss. People in many countries think that it’s not en

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Teeth hurt during bites when you try to bite off an Apple or nibble a candy. This feeling is something that arouses in neck or in the mouth. In most cases these uncomfortable feelings are rather slight something like unpleasant feeling that you may feel because of the fall of temperatures that can be caused by a cold lolly or warm pizza. However, if these painful feelings occur during biting, it may mean that you have rather serious problems. We have some information that you should know if have such unpleasant feelings in the process of biting or some sensibility to pressure you may do such things. What is the reason for the toothache during biting? There are different levels of tooth pain: sometimes it can be just blunt or an extremely strong and penetrating pain. There are some reasons for this sensibility and unpleasant feelings: -the gums don’t adjoin tightly -the layer of enamel is rubbing off -the filler destroys or ruptures or drops out. teeth hurt If the enamel on the tooth destroys, the dentin –the layer next to the enamel, both nerves or cells, it can be painful when you bite or chump some food

When we watch TV, see and hear some advertisements for chewing gum, we start to believe every little thing. The people making ads are talking about the advantages of their products. They persuade us, that their product will bring the customers only health and pleasant feelings after chewing: the teeth will be white. We seem to believe every little thing. But do not they lie? The chewing gum may be very helpful, healthy and helpful to our mouth, that is one of the most pleasant ways to keep the hygiene. But all we have to do is inspect the ingredients of the products, as they contain sugar. So, the question is: is gum bad for your teeth? The point lies in the next. People think that it is true and that they do not believe the ads on the TV.

Comparing Regular Chewing Gum vs. Sugar-Free Chewing Gum: Results

Some people like gums with sugar, as they are tasty and, they may be, still helpful for the teeth. But that is not true. Gums containing sugar are, actually, dangerous, as they help bacteria to stay in your mouth, for longer. And it’s really hard to wash them away, then. Besides, these gums provoke lots of diseases connected to the teeth, such as