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Can a tooth infection spread to your eye? Glaucoma continues to be a major public health problem. Not so long time ago scientists have found out that our dental hygiene is connected with such disease as glaucoma. Despite this recent discovery, there are facts that if you don’t watch over your mouth health, this could provoke the formation of glaucoma, which can develop into open-angle glaucoma over time.

What Is Glaucoma And Why Is It Dangerous?

Glaucoma is an illness, which is characterized by an increase in intraocular pressure development of visual impairments, and a decrease in visual acuity. At the same time, the vision decreases, up to offensive of a blindness. One of the main external signs is pupil discolouration – its repainting in a greenish or azure shade. In the USA one of the most eurysynusic forms of such illness is open-angle glaucoma. It develops at liquid outflow disturbance (watery moisture) from the forward camera of an eye due to impassability of drainage system. It leads to a liquid clump in this area, to rising of eye pressure and gradual long squeezing of an optic nerve. The insidiousness of this disease is that, as a rule, it progresses imperceptibly. An eye looks good, and a person mostly doesn’t feel rising of intraocular pressure. At early stages,

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After 37 years of being recommended by the federal government, the recommendation for the use of dental floss was removed from their website in 2016. Does flossing help ? This was explained by the statement that the effectiveness and advantages of using floss have not been researched enough. But the government wasn’t the only institution to have suspicions towards this method of cleaning your teeth. The same year the Associated Press, too, released a report questioning the validity of flossing, one of the most used methods of dental hygiene. Nevertheless, many organizations and professionals assure that using dental floss still is helpful and it is not worth breaking this habit. Especially as the benefit of the usage of dental floss is questioned merely by the insufficient amount of time invested into conducting research. So dentists continue to stick to the recommendation and the usage of floss. It has quite some benefits other methods of dental hygiene can’t boast of, such as reducing the probability of gum inflammation etc. But even with just cleaning the spaces between your teeth, flossing remains a very important part of your daily dental routine. Here is why and what makes it so special:

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Pregnancy is an extremely difficult and rather challenging thing in life of every woman. Everything changes in your body.Unexpectedly, your body and especially your teeth and gums feel different during this period. Often, you can feel teeth pain while pregnant when you Wake up in the morning or during the meal. It’s very important to keep your body health, especially everything that is connected with your teeth should be in right condition not to influence your child.Observe the details of changes that happen in your mouth to be ready to cope with some discomfort. teeth pain while pregnant The sensibility of the teeth Sometimes it can happen that the mouth would feel every cold and hot food. It can concern whole mouth or just some part or particle. You may feel that your gums and teeth pinch or pulsate during drinking or eating something cold or warm and you had never had such feelings before being pregnant. Sensibility is able to alter its volumes. It’s interesting to know that there are such hormones like estrogen and progesterone in the body and their amount grows every day. They influence the way the blood flows and it leads to great amount of it in the gums, that’s why the sensibility of your gums is s

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Nowadays, everyone can find mobile dental app that can help with anything you want. You can find an app for tying knots, measuring the sizes, doing sums and many others. And besides of all of those apps, you can even find apps for your own dental care.

Dental healthcare apps can assist you to maintain your teeth clean. What those apps do is they show you, how people should care about themselves. They make you realize the cost of every procedure by showing the examples of proper healthcare. And also, they can teach kids some good habits that will stay forever.

Some apps can even show your appearance in case if you install braces or whiten your teeth. If you’ve ever thought about it but were worried about being bullied or looking not so good, then here we are.

There is a ton of dental apps in both Google Play and App Store, but how should a user know which one can actually solve your problem?

We’ve collected

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