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Can a tooth infection spread to your eye? Glaucoma continues to be a major public health problem. Not so long time ago scientists have found out that our dental hygiene is connected with such disease as glaucoma. Despite this recent discovery, there are facts that if you don’t watch over your mouth health, this could provoke the formation of glaucoma, which can develop into open-angle glaucoma over time.

What Is Glaucoma And Why Is It Dangerous?

Glaucoma is an illness, which is characterized by an increase in intraocular pressure development of visual impairments, and a decrease in visual acuity. At the same time, the vision decreases, up to offensive of a blindness. One of the main external signs is pupil discolouration – its repainting in a greenish or azure shade. In the USA one of the most eurysynusic forms of such illness is open-angle glaucoma. It develops at liquid outflow disturbance (watery moisture) from the forward camera of an eye due to impassability of drainage system. It leads to a liquid clump in this area, to rising of eye pressure and gradual long squeezing of an optic nerve. The insidiousness of this disease is that, as a rule, it progresses imperceptibly. An eye looks good, and a person mostly doesn’t feel rising of intraocular pressure. At early stages,

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Scientists conducted some studies and examinations which showed that human enamel is very strong.We may consider that to be a fact, but at the same time why do we hear lots of info about teeth, and especially tooth enamel problems? How come that the strongest body part, sometimes, is one of the weakest and suffering from different kind of diseases and erosions? Our lifestyle and product quality provoke various problems connected with enamel. But is there something an ordinary person can do in order to improve the state of the enamel? How can you repair tooth enamel? tooth enamel

What are the main causes of enamel erosion?

Enamel erosion is something you have no control over, it just happens or not. There are lots of reasons and causes of this unpleasant dental issue. The main reasons are food with high sugar containing, such as sweets, sodas and different drinks. Dry mouth is another cause. An interesting fact is, even if you have a difficult period in life and every day you feel stressed, your teeth will, likely, be damaging in the future, due to the stress situations. So, acidic food has a great influence on your teeth enamel and dental health, be careful wit

Teeth hurt during bites when you try to bite off an Apple or nibble a candy. This feeling is something that arouses in neck or in the mouth. In most cases these uncomfortable feelings are rather slight something like unpleasant feeling that you may feel because of the fall of temperatures that can be caused by a cold lolly or warm pizza. However, if these painful feelings occur during biting, it may mean that you have rather serious problems. We have some information that you should know if have such unpleasant feelings in the process of biting or some sensibility to pressure you may do such things. What is the reason for the toothache during biting? There are different levels of tooth pain: sometimes it can be just blunt or an extremely strong and penetrating pain. There are some reasons for this sensibility and unpleasant feelings: -the gums don’t adjoin tightly -the layer of enamel is rubbing off -the filler destroys or ruptures or drops out. teeth hurt If the enamel on the tooth destroys, the dentin –the layer next to the enamel, both nerves or cells, it can be painful when you bite or chump some food

When we watch TV, see and hear some advertisements for chewing gum, we start to believe every little thing. The people making ads are talking about the advantages of their products. They persuade us, that their product will bring the customers only health and pleasant feelings after chewing: the teeth will be white. We seem to believe every little thing. But do not they lie? The chewing gum may be very helpful, healthy and helpful to our mouth, that is one of the most pleasant ways to keep the hygiene. But all we have to do is inspect the ingredients of the products, as they contain sugar. So, the question is: is gum bad for your teeth? The point lies in the next. People think that it is true and that they do not believe the ads on the TV.

Comparing Regular Chewing Gum vs. Sugar-Free Chewing Gum: Results

Some people like gums with sugar, as they are tasty and, they may be, still helpful for the teeth. But that is not true. Gums containing sugar are, actually, dangerous, as they help bacteria to stay in your mouth, for longer. And it’s really hard to wash them away, then. Besides, these gums provoke lots of diseases connected to the teeth, such as

Have you ever got interested in your teeth? While brushing your tooth it is easy to notice that their structure is quite unique. All tooth are permanently divided into 4 types of teeth according to their position and shape. Here we got the question: what these teeth do and what they actually are?

Incisors or the main detail of your smile

They are considered to play the main role in your smile. The two large incisors situate in the forward mouth side and also two more besides these tooth, so they are fully responsible for the primary food processing, which falls for further chewing. They pass food into the mouth, biting off a piece of food. You also have four incisors on the bottom. In total, you have 8 incisors tooth. Usually, a person gets his or her first four incisors in infancy, but adult incisors appear in the period between 6 and 8. teeth

Canines (cone-shaped teeth)

One can find them without any difficulty; they’re cone-shaped (as a rule 4) teeth in your mouth which are responsible part and hold food, situated near to the first group of teeth we spoke about as on the bottom and top too. Traditionally they start to grow also in infancy at 16-20 months, and your