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Pregnancy is an extremely difficult and rather challenging thing in life of every woman. Everything changes in your body.Unexpectedly, your body and especially your teeth and gums feel different during this period. Often, you can feel teeth pain while pregnant when you Wake up in the morning or during the meal. It’s very important to keep your body health, especially everything that is connected with your teeth should be in right condition not to influence your child.Observe the details of changes that happen in your mouth to be ready to cope with some discomfort. teeth pain while pregnant The sensibility of the teeth Sometimes it can happen that the mouth would feel every cold and hot food. It can concern whole mouth or just some part or particle. You may feel that your gums and teeth pinch or pulsate during drinking or eating something cold or warm and you had never had such feelings before being pregnant. Sensibility is able to alter its volumes. It’s interesting to know that there are such hormones like estrogen and progesterone in the body and their amount grows every day. They influence the way the blood flows and it leads to great amount of it in the gums, that’s why the sensibility of your gums is s

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