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One day everyone may face the situation when visiting a periodontist is a necessity, so what should one know about periodontology and periodontics treatment? How to know it’s really essential and to prepare oneself for such a visit? Please, in order to find the answers to these questions follow the explanations provided in our article below.

Defining the Term of Periodontics

As we approach finding the meaning of periodontics treatment, it will be useful to puzzle out what “periodontics” means itself.

It is commonly known that deontology represents a comprehensive subdiscipline of medical science and periodontology is its part which examines tooth-supporting apparatus, along with health issues that trigger some respective diseases. The gingivae (gums), alveolar bone, dental cement and alveolodental ligament (i.e. supporting structures) belongs to the tooth-supporting apparatus.

A doctor who practices periodontology is termed as a periodontist and after four years of a dental college, he or she has to accomplish three more years of speciality training which includes diagnostication, prevention and therapy of periodontitis.

Discovering Details > What Are the Procedures of Periodontics Treatment?

If your gums are inflamed and/or are bleeding, you will be directed to a periodontist who will assign a special therapy for you. If the situation is left as it is, be prepared that you will face the situation when recovery of your teeth will be impossible. So it is exactly what dentists call as a periodontal disease. The case becomes more serious since this situation may injure your heart, therefore it is potential to find yourself suffering from heart problems.

While brushing your teeth it isn’t always easy to get access to all parts of your mouth, so your dentist is always ready to neutralize a bacterial plaque or tartar and in this way to rescue you from a possibility to get a periodontitis. So you see how important it is to make a visit to your dentist regularly in order to get professional teeth cleaning.

While seeing a doctor you might also have a nonoperative treatment such as scaling and root planing. In the course of performing this manipulation, a topical anaesthetic will be put on and all tartar and plaque around your gingival margin will be gotten out. If there is any roughened surface left on the teeth roots the doctor will plane them for the purpose of taking bacteria off; therefore all parts of your teeth and their roots will be cleaned totally, consequently, your gingiva will return to its normal condition.

We’d also like to draw your attention to the fact that periodontics treatment is not just for gum problems, but deals with structural issues as well.

So other operative methods of periodontal therapy can be carried out aiming to preserve your gums and other parts of tooth-supporting apparatus.

  • Flapped surgery: in the process of this operation gingiva will be lifted backwards in order to take off tartar and unsmooth spots will be cleaned to stop microbes and prevent their further extension. Later on, gums will be substantially reattached to teeth with no space left for any bacteria.
  • Graft for soft tissue thickness: some grafted tissue from the palate (so-called roof of the mouth) is taken in order to thicken gingivae.
  • Guided tissue regeneration: if a bone destruction happens and it damages teeth some cell-like material will be put between the bone and the gum; this enables to prevent the gum from growing into the destructed bone area. Together with flapped surgery, this operation provides thickening of the bone and conjunctive tissue, consequently, it protects one’s teeth health.
  • Bone grafting: as far as gingiva diseases destroy bones seriously the affected areas can be replaced by the pieces of one’s own bone, artificial or donor’s This manipulation provides formation of the base which will support a new growth of the bone and will assist to maintain teeth in a healthy and stable condition.
  • Bone surgery: in the circumstances when the bone is impossible to be cured there are shallow craters appeared; apparently, they have to be tidied up with flapped surgery in the interest of averting microbes to collect and multiply in the diseased areas.

Trust the Professionals of Our Clinic

For sure you can be scared of periodontal therapy, however, you can be sure that our recognized master doctors will get your mouth to the full health and strength. And do not forget that to prevent is always easier than to cure. A toothbrush and floss together with our specialists, who will provide you with a complete cleaning of your teeth, will eliminate any problem with your mouth including periodontics. Just entrust your teeth to us!
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