Did You Know What Is Orthodontic Headgear?

In the treatment of abnormal bite by braces, the main elements of the system and additional (auxiliary) elements are installed on the teeth. The main ones are braces (locks), orthodontic arc, ligatures and rubber bands, if necessary. Additional elements include elastic bands, elastics, rings, ligatures, traction, fasteners.
In the life of many people there comes a time when a person realizes that he needs to treat his teeth. One of the most popular means for correction of teeth is the Orthodontic Orthodontic headgear. This is the name of the device that the dentist can give you for adjusting your teeth and jaw as a whole. Devices of this type are worn partially outside and help prepare the jaw to wear braces.Additional elements are used in the presence of pathologies of individual teeth, as an aid in the treatment. For example, stretching, moving, turning, tilting the tooth. Thrust or elastics are a necessary element for creating additional pressure on the teeth or jaw areas, and also for directing the teeth in a certain direction.

Who And Why is Orthodontic Headgear Used?

The one who wore braces knows that only braces are not enough to qualitatively pick up and adjust teeth. This happens when:

  • Your mouth is too small to use braces;
  • You have problems with bite;
  • Your jaw was not formed correctly.

If you have one of these problems, your doctor will recommend that you use both Braces and Orthodontic Headgear, so that your jaw and your teeth grow properly.

All Types Of Orthodontic Headgear

First: Cervical Pull Headgear

This is one of the simplest species. It is presented in the form of a wire that is mounted on the gums of your back teeth. This wire is fastened by a belt on the back of the neck, which causes the belt to tension, the wire pulls your teeth back. This kind is used to correct the teeth, which grow not straight, but forward. For the first time after installation, the patient may experience painful or uncomfortable sensations. They arise due to the forced movement of teeth in the direction given by the system. As a rule, soreness disappears after 2-3 days. In case of discomfort, the use of general and local anaesthetics is allowed. If after this period, pain during opening and while chewing food is preserved, then it is necessary to consult a doctor, in order to reduce the effect of the rubber bands.

Second: High-Pull Headgear

The second species is more complex. It is presented in the form of a wire or thread, which with the help of staples is attached to your teeth. Its difference from the first is that it is attached to the back and helps you if your upper teeth or the entire upper jaw grows incorrectly. It also helps to stop the growth of the upper jaw. This device has many names, but we gave you the most popular. There are cases that require surgical intervention. Orthognathic surgery can be recommended by a doctor with a deep, distal bite, with violations of the proportions of the jaw.

Third: Reverse-Pull Headgear

This is the most difficult and inconvenient option. But he has his pluses. It consists of belts that attach to the forehead and chin. In this case, he will correct those teeth that grow backwards, into the mouth. Doctors call it “class III” orthodontic headgear, or protraction headgear. The main rule is a regular visit to the orthodontist, who will monitor the treatment procedure and monitor the tension of the structural elements. While wearing gum, it is not recommended to use colouring drinks, as they will lead to loss of the original shade of elastic.

How To Find Out And Tell If You Need Headgear?

Everyone in this device may need a child, an adult and an old man. This device is needed for you, if you do not want to wear braces, but want to quickly straighten the growth of your teeth. But your doctor can prescribe to you not only braces but also a special course of treatment that will help improve the result. To correct crooked teeth, of course, you can, but the method of correction will depend on the type of anomaly and severity of the problem. To determine the best way to eliminate defects, you will have to undergo a number of procedures. Do not forget that dental health is very important. Take care of your health.
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