Good Foods to Eat and Bad Foods to Avoid with Braces

At the beginning of your braces period, it can be very difficult to get used to eating only certain types of food. The pain and the discomfort induced with braces are very annoying, besides, there are the necessity to choose your food more carefully. Your first beef steak after the braces installing can bring many unpleasant surprises to you. The teeth cleaning process becomes more difficult, and if you eat something not from the whitelist this process can be like a torture. This experience isn’t pleasant, but when your teeth health and appearance must be improved — it’s worth it. So it is good to have the knowledge about the types of food that doesn’t cause any troubles and what types of food you must ignore.

Ask the orthodontist: what are some foods better to avoid with braces?

Foods to avoid with your braces

This food is acceptable without braces, but in the period of treatment, you must think about living without it or to eat this food very carefully.

Not very good but acceptable food: it is recommended to exclude from your diet all hard types of food like raw beet, all nuts, hard bread, rusks and solid and unripe fruits. Solid unripe fruits and vegetables must be boiled before eating make them softer and other food like nuts is desirable not to eat. Second dangerous for braces point is the food that is too rough to chew. There are rough beef and other meat and some fruits like mango. This food is not recommended because it can harm your system — rubber strips can change their positions and metal brackets can be bent. Next point is cubes of ices. Of course, the sucking of the ice cubes is not prohibited, but do not think about chewing them! There are many people who broke their braces like this. Always remember about the cost of new construction and about the necessity to have anywhere soft food to eat with braces.

You should probably eliminate this food from your diet

There are a few things that are better to forget about even without braces.

Not recommended food: first in this list are lollipops, especially with sugar. It is very solid food and trying to bite it can be the reason of breaking of your system. The next point in our list of food that have to be ignored is all glutinous stuff. Glutinous stuff is inclined to stay on the system and it is difficult to remove it from metal construction. Examples of this food are nut and chocolate butter, some types of cookies, jams and candies. Next thing to avoid is sweet drinks. They increase acidity in the oral cavity due to phosphoric acid with much sugar that they contain, and they can become the additional reason of teeth colour changing. Also if you think about the safe use of your system, you should not try to chew hard and inedible things like fingers and pens. In any case, remember about the necessity of having soft food to eat with braces.

Many things are not very useful for teeth even when you have no need to give them the right positions. The braces can help to revise your meals and it is possible that when you start to wear it, you can change your eating habits in the best and more healthy way.

Good Food That Is OK with Your Braces

The list of foods that is better to ignore is a little depressing, isn’t it? Don’t worry, it is not so bad as it seems at first sight. You can it almost everything that you want and afford different kinds of food in usual days and only the days after your visits to the dentist can be tough. Here we put together something about soft food to eat with braces.

The food that suits: eat without any troubles all kinds of tender fruits — plums, melons, grapes without seeds and others. Solid ones like pears and beets must be cooked before eating. Very good for you to eat are all products from milk — cheese, any yoghurts, the milk itself, tofu and so on. Eat without problems any cereals, grains and bread that easy to chew. All the sweets are not prohibited: you can eat ice-cream and other sweet things without any troubles, your favourite pies and pancakes! There is no reason also to worry about for those, who like to eat something fatty in the morning! An omelette with thin slices of bacon is very welcome. The eggs are a well-known excellent protein source and they are very recommended for the menu. The meat that easies to chew is your choice too — chicken, fish, pork and others. Soft food to eat with braces is not so boring and blank, ha!

Take it a step further: strengthening your tooth enamel

The metal presses on your teeth and to stand this pressure, your teeth must be strong. It is well-known fact that the teeth upper layer consists of calcium compounds and to make it stronger it is important to have special food that contains calcium in your meals. These are all products from milk, the milk itself, sesame seeds, garlic, broccoli and parsley. Next food products to straighten your teeth are all proteins. Proteins have a big role in our teeth strength. They bound all inorganic compounds containing in enamel and help them hold together. So don’t forget to add meat, chicken, fish and different vegetable protein sources to your menu! Another important thing is water. You need to drink your daily rates and while you’re doing your exercise it is better to drink mineral water. Lollipops without sugar can be good too. Such sweets make your mouth to produce saliva, containing special agents to protect the teeth from bacteria.

Your diet is very important, but also you must brush your teeth and braces thoroughly! Avoid the leftovers on the system and teeth and you forget about any problems with teeth colouring and enamel weakening. You can use a usual brush and special brush for the braces in the process of cleaning. Someone also prefers to use an oral irrigator that helps to get rid of the leftovers between the teeth.

Get more useful braces advice

The decision about the brackets treatment isn’t very simple, so if the problems occurred and there is the need to know more information about good and bad food, and also if you desire to know additional information about the decreasing risk of breaking your system, you can contact with us. We’ll answer you with great pleasure and also our dentists can help personally with your system installing and maintenance. We advise you also to read our site about another system for straightening teeth called Invisalign. For using this system you don’t need any special diet and you have no need to think thoroughly about your meals, also Invisalign is simpler to clean and it brings less discomfort and pain than braces. It is possible that this type of your teeth improvement suits you the most.
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