Gum disease

There are many reasons why there is pain in the gums of different nature. Pain can be a consequence of local factors-diseases of the teeth and gums, as well as provoked by systemic diseases.

Local causes

If the cause of pain is local factors, the process is localized only in the oral cavity, while it can be limited or generalized.

Gingivitis, the leading symptoms of which are pain, bleeding, redness, swelling. The disease is localized on the gingival margin and does not affect the attachment of teeth in the alveoli.

Periodontitis. In this disease, the symptoms of gingivitis are added to the mobility of the teeth, there is a Baring of the necks, periodontal pockets are formed.

Periodontal disease caused by metabolic disorders. The vessels that feed the tooth are narrowed, less nutrients are supplied, the bone tissue slowly dissolves. Pain appears only in the later stages; the initial stages are characterized by the appearance of unpleasant sensations when eating cold or hot food.

Periodontitis is an inflammation that develops in the area of the root apex. The disease occurs as a result of poor-quality canal filling, as well as due to untimely treatment of pulpitis. Pain syndrome is acute, increasing with biting. Often periodontitis is accompanied by the formation of ulcers, fistulas.

Mechanical injury due to impact, fall, after tooth extraction. The doctor can also injure the gum in the treatment of caries – for example, by incorrectly determining the volume of the filling material, as a result of which the edges of the seal will scratch the mucous membrane.

Allergic reaction to metals, alloys, arising after the installation of the prosthesis, as well as drugs used in sealing.

Pericoronitis-inflammation of the mucosa that closes the eruption of the wisdom tooth (hood). With the appearance of third molars, pain can also be caused by their incorrect growth or lack of space.

Treat these diseases dentists, periodontists, therefore, in the event of the described symptoms should immediately contact the dental center.

Common cause

Common causes are diseases of the internal organs that affect the gums:

Blood diseases are often accompanied by hyperplasia (proliferation) of gum tissue. They increase in size, look red, there are painful sensations.

Diseases of the stomach, intestines. Often, their chronic course leads to a violation of calcium metabolism, which affects the state of the gums.

Hormonal changes that cause angiopathy (vascular lesions). Pain as to provoke systemic changes (diabetes, disorders of the thyroid gland) and time (pregnancy, adolescence).

The intake of certain medications. First and foremost, it is anti-epileptic means on the basis of the hydantoin, as well as some contraceptives, immunosuppressants.

Infectious diseases in which the infection spreads throughout the body. Gums, for example, can be ill with colds and other pathological conditions of viral, bacterial, fungal etiology, weakening the protective functions of the whole body.

What to do and how to treat gums – this decision is made by the doctor. To eliminate local factors, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial therapy, professional oral hygiene, sometimes physical therapy or surgery are needed.

Common factors require treatment of the underlying disease, that is, eliminating the cause of the pain. Only after that will be effective therapy aimed at restoring the oral cavity.