How can you repair tooth enamel

Scientists conducted some studies and examinations which showed that human enamel is very strong.We may consider that to be a fact, but at the same time why do we hear lots of info about teeth, and especially tooth enamel problems?

How come that the strongest body part, sometimes, is one of the weakest and suffering from different kind of diseases and erosions? Our lifestyle and product quality provoke various problems connected with enamel. But is there something an ordinary person can do in order to improve the state of the enamel? How can you repair tooth enamel?

tooth enamel

What are the main causes of enamel erosion?

Enamel erosion is something you have no control over, it just happens or not. There are lots of reasons and causes of this unpleasant dental issue. The main reasons are food with high sugar containing, such as sweets, sodas and different drinks. Dry mouth is another cause. An interesting fact is, even if you have a difficult period in life and every day you feel stressed, your teeth will, likely, be damaging in the future, due to the stress situations. So, acidic food has a great influence on your teeth enamel and dental health, be careful with it. But even if the damage is done, there are still some good tips you can follow and try to restore your enamel health and have a better condition concerning your dental health.

Strengthen and Protect the Enamel You Already Have

The bad news here, it is true that you can’t totally restore your original enamel. But there is one thing you can do – care for the rest. You can always be very attentive to your teeth health, as enamel is a very important part of it. You can make your enamel stronger even without visiting dentists. All you need is to follow usual everyday recommendations on teeth care. A patient with poor enamel can always make it not so sensitive by following general well-known rules from dentists all over the world.

If you want to restore enamel and make it much stronger, you can undergo a dental procedure. Remineralization is the procedure done by dentists all over the world, it is known for adding calcium to your teeth. It is a really good and effective method to get rid of weak spots and sensitive areas on your teeth. But usually only a procedure is not enough; you have to daily care for teeth.

This wouldn’t be something innovative or new to anyone of you, but you should follow the next advice:

Brush your teeth every day, several times per day after the food course. It is also important to use the products suiting your sensitive enamel. There are products, toothpaste and mouthwash created with special ingredients helping to lessen the sensitivity. Read attentively the ingredients of toothpaste, and before shopping, get some info concerning dangerous elements in toothpaste.

Food with minerals and healthy food is more beneficial for your teeth than that desired soda or a piece of cake. Try to avoid such unhealthy and dangerous products to stay healthy.

Dairy products are known to have a good effect not only on the whole body state and organs but it is also known to be a “remedy” for enamel.

A patient, if needed, may install a crown to protect the enamel that still exists. It is good because you would protect enamel and teeth from different negative effects of foods and drinks, saving the state of it, like it was before. Braces help, too.

Try to Prevent Your Enamel Erosion

Prevention methods are not so difficult if you make it a regular habit. It is not so hard to keep your enamel safe if you follow the regular procedures like this:

Avoid drinks high in acids and the one containing lots of sugar. Coffee and even fruit juice may damage your enamel. Decrease the frequency of these drinks consumption in order to keep your enamel in good shape. Or drink these beverages using a straw.

Use a gum with no sugar, that will help you to increase the saliva amount, which has minerals strengthening your teeth.

Drink water to keep your mouth wet and not dry.

Clean your teeth at your dentist regularly, no less than once a year.

Brush your teeth carefully, don’t press too much and hard.

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