How to Deal with Toothache Pain Before Your Next Appointment

Everybody at least once in a lifetime suffered because of a toothache. “Teeth pain means my nerves are damaged”-the most common thought that occurs in a person’s mind even being far from stomatology. Cavities, the long-entrenched tooth decay, the presence of a hole because of the absence of filling causes a toothache usually. Another very common cause of ache is also hypersensitivity of teeth (irritation from cold, warm, sweet, sour).

No matter what kind of a toothache you have, it is better to carry out regularly a visit to a specialist, at least for preventive purposes. But pain caught you by surprise, interrupts you from doing work, and the appointment to the dentist only tomorrow? This article provides you with easy recommendations for coping with that:

Use Ice cubes

It is considered that if you apply a warm thing to the aching tooth it will help you effectively to relieve the pain, however, it is a strong misconception. Heating increases blood flow, and therefore further strengthen a suffering place. On the contrary, applied ice can relieve pain. Sometimes pain can widen to another area of your head, so you can also apply ice to the earlobe, temples and the border of the hair on the forehead.

Rinse With Salt Water or Hydrogen Peroxide Your Diseased Teeth

There are situations in which even basic medicines are not available (in nature, while travelling, at a far distance from the nearest pharmacy). It should be noticed that it is available and effective means are included in traditional medicine. There are ways how to remove a toothache by folk remedies: rinsed your mouth using a warm salted liquid or hydrogen peroxide, which destroys bacteria in your mouth as well.

Take OTC Painkillers, but NOT Aspirin

Many people try to relieve a toothache with aspirin, taking it inside or putting it the diseased gums. We highly recommend: STOP DOING THAT! Because aspirin does not have therapeutic properties and you will only aggravate irritation. It is better to take a right painkiller. Be careful, because uncontrolled intake of pills can influence your health destructively. Firstly, you suffer from side effects, and secondly, there may make you addicted.

Create a Paste or Chew a Bubble Gum

These quick home-made solutions of teeth pain are completely harmless but quite effective.

Applying the paste made of salt and red pepper to the affected area will also help you in reaching a dulling effect. All you need is just to mix salt, pepper and a few spoons of water. Massage the paste into the affected area. Pepper has pain-reducing chemicals that are similar to “salicin”, the herbal analogue of analgesic property.

Garlic is usually traditionally used to cope with teeth pain as a mild antibiotic: it should be carefully chewed in the mouth until the condition is alleviated. The alternative is to grind garlic and mix with salt in equal proportions. Apply the mixture to the affected tooth and cover with a cotton swab. It neutralizes bacteria that cause a toothache.

Chewing gum can also facilitate to reduce a toothache.

If you broke a tooth or a seal falls out, a chewing gum with no sugar can be useful. It will close sharp parts of your teeth and undefended zones. But keep in mind that it cannot give a long-termed effect and can only be a non-permanent solution.

By the way, you should know that these quick remedies will cope with your toothache only temporary. You should always remember – tooth pain is an indicator that there are problems, so the consultation with the dentist is absolutely necessary. All these simple methods and means of traditional medicine, of course, cannot completely remove the problem. Remember that only a dentist truly knows how to deal with a toothache.

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