Is That True: Chewing Gum Actually Good for Your Teeth?

When we watch TV, see and hear some advertisements for chewing gum, we start to believe every little thing. The people making ads are talking about the advantages of their products. They persuade us, that their product will bring the customers only health and pleasant feelings after chewing: the teeth will be white. We seem to believe every little thing. But do not they lie? The chewing gum may be very helpful, healthy and helpful to our mouth, that is one of the most pleasant ways to keep the hygiene. But all we have to do is inspect the ingredients of the products, as they contain sugar.

So, the question is: is gum bad for your teeth? The point lies in the next. People think that it is true and that they do not believe the ads on the TV.

Comparing Regular Chewing Gum vs. Sugar-Free Chewing Gum: Results

Some people like gums with sugar, as they are tasty and, they may be, still helpful for the teeth. But that is not true. Gums containing sugar are, actually, dangerous, as they help bacteria to stay in your mouth, for longer. And it’s really hard to wash them away, then. Besides, these gums provoke lots of diseases connected to the teeth, such as teeth decay, cavity, and many other unpleasant things.

And well, as you already guessed, the answer to this burning question to some people, concerned about their health, is NO, it is not helpful at all. That type of gums is not helpful or healthy at all. Why is that so? It only brings the sweetness and little bit of freshness, creating in such a way a good habit for nasty dangerous viruses and bacteria to corrupt and destroy your teeth. So, that is a great environment for them to breed and increase in amount.

But if we are talking about the gums that contain no sugar at all, there is also a little point. We should always examine and scrutinize the ingredients on the product package, as still; there may be some other harmful elements.

Tip: If you want to buy a real gum that has no sugar in it, you should go and look for a logo of ADA. That will assure people, not only of the best quality of the product.

But still, as we know there is another way of making gums sweeter, by using different chemical and natural sweeteners, which may be xylitol, sorbitol or ever aspartame. And now we are going to these sweeteners to be more aware of them and then be able to choose the good gum.

What is Xylitol?

About the element: Xylitol is just sugar alcohol and a very popular substitution for it, used by many companies and products. It may be extracted from plants, vegetables as well as fruits.

The effect on your teeth, if there is any. So, if you can see, this ingredient is better than sugar.

There is a thought, that this liquid is helpful because it also helps your mouth to stop being so dry.

A lot of both American and European companies and owners, chemistries, and professors recognized the helpfulness of Xylitol.

Aspartame – facts and truth

About the element: This element is usually the second. It is also known as sweeter than even sugar. Why is it so popular and used by companies? It says that this ingredient is a low-calorie product, so that is also another trick of ads.

The effect on your teeth: Compared to the first ingredient we were talking about, this one is not so good for your mouth and teeth. Well, it is not dangerous either. Aspartame is not converted into acids, harmful for teeth (just like sugar does). But it is also is neutral to the diseases and teeth themselves.

Chewing Gum

Information about Sorbitol

About the element: This ingredient is used more often compared to others, as it is extracted naturally and not so expensive as the other two. It is similar to Xylitol, as it is also sugar alcohol element.

The effect is on the teeth and braces.

Is that a truthful thing: CPP-ACP Makes Teeth Stronger?

The important element – Casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate complex (or simply CPP-ACP) is a popular and frequently used element in gums. Why is it so and what benefits it has? Well, to start off, it is believed that this ingredient helps to improve dental health and the state of your teeth.

There were some experiments, and tests conducted in the labs. Xylitol is usually added to any chewing gum, which is already full of CPP-ACP, the result will be amazing. People have used this type of gums and their teeth to become stronger, healthier and not so sensitive.

The increase of Salivary Flow by Gums

Gums with no sugar can create a greater amount of saliva in the mouth. It is a good thing. After the meal, your saliva will wash the harmful elements from your teeth for an hour. If you chew the gum, this process is quicker for sure.

Does Any Kind of Chewing Gum Cause TMJ?

TMJ is the Temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Some experts believe that when you chew gum, it is a reason for this disease. But it’s not approved and maybe not true. People having this dysfunction are told to stop chewing the gums at all.

Does any Chewing Gum Really Release Mercury from Fillings?

Some time ago there was a research of your mouth after chewing gum of any type. Anyway, to sum it up, we should say that any gum should not replace the real care and dental hygiene, even if you chew the most healthier gum in the world. So, be healthy and be aware of health issues, save your teeth and care about your dental hygiene.


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