Regular Floss vs. Floss Picks: Making The Right Choice

Have you ever thought that floss picks is a first-class way to keep your teeth clean? Floss picks helps You keep your teeth healthy and clean. Have you ever thought about the health of your teeth and gums? How many times a day do you clean your teeth?

What do you think about floss picks? Do use different types of flosses? How many types of flosses do you know? We will try to answer these questions in this article.

It’s obvious that you should clean your teeth and it’s a part of everyday oral hygiene, but flossing takes the second place. This process helps to clean all the pathogenic microorganisms and pieces of food that were stuck between the teeth, and sometimes you can’t do it during cleaning teeth.  We know 2 types of flossing, an ordinary spool with some meters of thread and a special instrument called a floss pick. These instruments present a slender thread made of fiber covered with some soft substance like wax and it can clean all the hard-hitting places in your mouth in a very delicate way. Now we have to decide which instrument can cope with this task better. What differs these types?

 floss picks

Something about the dental floss.

People in many countries think that it’s not enough to clean your teeth every day, you have to use something that can remove all the pieces of food that can decompose in the mouth and effect badly the oral cavity.

An ordinary dental floss was used earlier than floss picks. It’s a very effective thing when we speak about cleaning of different pathogenic microorganisms, pieces of food and the toothbrush is almost useless in this relation. These microorganisms produce lactic acid and it is a fall-out of their anaerobic respiration. The blood-plate is a biomaterial made of different pathogenic microorganisms, the oxygen doesn’t infiltrate throughout the inner roots and it leads to the respiration. The fall-outs containing acid take all the minerals, away from the enamel and it cases different oral problems, such as caries. Floss can solve this problem. Also, it should be the second stage in everyday hygiene of your teeth as it helps to keep your gums healthy. It’s interesting that these types of floss contain substances against coagulability that helps to stop bleeding that can happen if you have gingivitis or different dental diseases. Also, it should be covered with different substances against tartar.

You should understand what works best for you.

Although, there were not so many researchings that observed the difference between these 2 flosses, there is a body of clinical literature that describes the results after using them. It turned out, that both these 2 types are  rather effective, the truth is that you should use the floss permanently and properly, no matter what type you prefer. In fact, both these types are rather popular among the people who use it, it’s just the question of comfort when we speak about technology of usage. It’s not so important which type you use, you should floss systematically. Also, there is another  option –it is an interdental brush. These are the tools that look like a brush with single bristles, and if it is used daily, it can solve the problem of blood-plate. Their feature is that you can use them many times.  Actually, the most important thing in that study, where were a lot of participants, was the motivation to use the tool they choose every day without interruption.

It doesn’t mean what you use- the importance of flossing is indisputable.

It’s not so important what you prefer for flossing-a dental floss, floss pick, or an interdental floss ,this process should be in a system, it should be a part of your daily routine. Although, it is recommended to floss 2 times a day, one time will be enough. If you floss your teeth every day, you will be surprised at the effect of it ,as it helps to keep your teeth healthy and you can forget about different oral diseases.

In the end, we would recommend to floss your teeth daily, in spite of the tool you prefer.

look the same

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thank you now I will know about the usefulness of dental floss very interesting
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