Scientists have proved: Seasonal Allergies Can Make Your tooth pain

With the advent of spring, we admire the budding buds in the trees and enjoy the smell of the first flowers. But with this, toothache, which is called allergies tooth pain, can come.

A mild winter in California can cause discomfort in the teeth a month earlier than usual, while in other parts of the country seasonal toothaches are just beginning to disturb the population. Reports and statistics show that in 2018 there will be another such season.

Did you know though that these pollen-induced allergies can create toothache symptoms this spring?

When pollen or other allergens enter the human body during this period, it begins to irritate the receptors on the upper layer of the skin. The immune system tries to protect itself from this trouble and secrete mucus that can accumulate inside.

It also happens that in the so-called “sinuses” that are on the upper part of the mouth, due to allergic reactions, the liquid can accumulate, as a result of which swelling occurs and the upper part of the mouth begins to press on the nerves adjacent to the teeth. Pressure leads to a decrease in blood flow in the adjacent vessels and irritation of the nerves. This explains a spring toothache.

You can feel this pain in the area of the posterior upper teeth, which occurs as a result of a temperature drop in the oral cavity, food or a tapping on the teeth. You can also feel the pulsating movement inside these teeth. All this is a sign of allergic reactions.

How do you know if it’s allergies or an infected tooth?

The answer is simple – go to the dentist and make an appointment with the dentist. He will conduct an appropriate diagnosis of your teeth and identify the cause of the toothache. If the reason for this is a sick tooth, the doctor will prescribe a certain treatment. But if this happened because of the allergic reaction of the body to spring allergens, you will need a slightly different treatment and procedures. That will ease the pain, relieve tension in the compressed oral cavity and remove all the painful symptoms. Also, the doctor can advise you to buy braces.

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certainly interesting article but I do not completely understand as it's due to seasonal allergies can hurt your teeth not when not maintaining my but mostly very interesting

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