Straightening Out Your Teeth: How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

In case you have a good habit to take care of health, including regular monitoring of the oral cavity and teeth and want to prevent any illnesses your orthodontist could commend straightening out your teeth with Invisalign care system.

In case you want to have a beautiful smile as well you care how you look like, you again apply for straightening out your teeth. The solution is Invisalign.

Agree that the main issue on the starting point is an investigation of the cost question of Invisalign and its comparison with braces: price and convenience. What to choose? First, you are to do, that is to get detailed advice from a specialist who practices both treatments: braces and Invisalign.

Covering the Hard Costs of Invisalign: prices

Invisalign costs can start from two thousand dollars up to $8,000 or more; this price spread is easy to explain in each individual case.

Your dentist or orthodontist who takes care for your Invisalign as a straightening solution, can easily give you approximate teeth straightening cost for Invisalign in total and estimate an insurance coverage. Remember that Invisalign is classified as “orthodontic” treatment and in accordance with the statistical reports from different sources, related to dentistry, previous year 25% of those who applied for Invisalign treatment, got insurance covering over $500. This is the average data and it varies in every individual case.

In addition, you can check by yourself possible spending for teeth straightening cost.

Understandably, many dental clinics can provide different payment options including various schemes, discounts, benefits and instalments to attract customers and ensure the availability of treatment.

In addition, Invisalign is related to orthodontic treatment and costs for it can be refunded from Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cost recovery. So, if your enterprise can offer an FSA and as Invisalign therapy is attributed to pre-tax contribution, you must apply beforehand to the benefits department and save money.

Let’s see: Evaluating the Other Costs Involved with Invisalign

Both braces and Invisalign are used for the purpose of bite correction; let’s review and compare these treatments, its costs, advantages and possible disadvantages.

You easily notice that costs for two treatments are nearly the same, but Invisalign can save some money on several substantial things and be more grounded than braces in many cases.

Comfort and safety: Invisalign aligner trays are produced from safe bisphenol-A free (BPA-free) transparent plastic material, they are smooth and convenient; these aligner trays are put on over teeth and move teeth very delicately without any injury for oral cavity to the desired position. At the same time, most of those who use or used before braces know, that braces can severely damage the oral cavity: quite often wires chafe up to cutting the soft tissues of the mouth. Such injuries are very unpleasant and dangerous for someone who wears braces and for others, for example, in any contact sport.

Time: ..and our precious time… on average, wearing Invisalign aligner trays takes from half a year to one and a half and for monitoring you need to visit an orthodontist every 4-6 weeks; compared to a rigid schedule of visits one time every four weeks when wearing braces, you find yourself in a win and in time.

Self-confidence: noticeable metal wires in the mouth, remains and pieces of food stuck in metal braces can cause uncertainty and discomfort for every person, but this psychological problem can be easily solved by wearing Invisalign: easy to remove and easy to wear, Invisalign gives a visible advantage here as well.

So we briefly review the problem of Invisalign and braces, but we must remember that only a specialist dentist will be able to answer clearly for the question “how much is Invisalign and teeth straightening costs” because pricing will begin with an examination of your mouth and your individual problems. Your orthodontist can offer you braces, they also have their advantages and are preferable in case of difficult cases when you need to adjust your teeth vertically. The decision on the use of Invisalign or braces will depend on the doctor to whom you entrust your health and beauty.

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