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Bright Teeth & Fresh Breath! Oral Care Routine

Help us get $10k to Metavivor: http://bit.ly/CloudyApples-StellaPop This is my oral care routine! What works for me works for me, but may not work for you. Always consult a professional and see a dentist regularly. Subscribe Here! http://bit.ly/SubscribeToCloudyApples
Instagram: http://instagram.com/gloomykassie Twitter: http://twitter.com/gloomykassie YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/gloomgames Step 1: Scrape my tongue with a spoon. I like spoons because they’re cheap, reusable, and everyone has one. If you don’t do this already, I highly recommend it because it’ll make your morning breath SO much better. Step 2: Take a very soft bristle toothbrush and lightly brush the area where the gums and teeth meet to loosen build-up. I use an ionic toothbrush by Dr. Tung. I also often add a tooth serum on top, I use the Yogi Tooth Serum by Living Libations or the Neem Enamelizer Liquid by Living Libations. Be careful with your gums and never brush too hard. You could have receding gums or be too harsh on your enamel. Step 3: I take an electronic toothbrush and polish my teeth. I’m saving up for a Sonic toothbrush because I’ve heard very good things, but I currently use an Oral B electric toothbrush. For toothpaste, I’ve been using the Healthy Gums Clay Toothpaste normally, or the TruthTooth Powder on a day where I ate tons of acid

Get Rid Of A Toothache Instantly At Home | Best Tooth Pain Cavity Relief Do It Yourself

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Instant toothache relief guaranteed fast !

Click Here http://goo.gl/GUIMv8 for fast relief how to stop a toothache! On the spot, without any medication! So so fast that it will stop a throbbing tooth from hurting in 10 minutes, Click here http://goo.gl/GUIMv8 ———————————————————————————— These are five remedies that may help you: 1. Try a clove of garlic. You can pick it up at your grocery store. It is inexpensive and can offer some people immediate relief. Just peel the clove of garlic and place in the area of the mouth where you are experiencing pain. Bite down on it and hold for a few minutes to let it soak into the affected area. Sometimes this can cause some burning but usually goes away after a couple of minutes. If the burning persists just rinse with warm salt water and this should give some immediate relief. 2. Clove oil which can be purchased at most stores that sell spices works well for relief of a toothache. Clove oil will work well if the tooth has developed a cavity. Just get a cotton ball put a few drops of clove oil on it push it in the cavity and bite down and this may give you some pain relief.