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Thomson Dental Clinic Your child’s first visit to the dentist

Children’s (Paediatric) dentistry encompasses comprehensive dental care for children from infancy through adolescence. Our practitioners are skilled in the recognition and treatment of children’s dental and orthodontic problems as well as being experienced in the areas of preventive dental techniques, restorative dentistry, interceptive and comprehensive orthodontic care. Their knowledge of child behavior and child psychology allows them to work well with young children and also children with special needs. A thorough examination will be done to evaluate the health of your child’s teeth, gums and mouth together with your child’s growth and development, to make sure your child’s oral development is on track. We are focused on preventive care and use of treatments like sealants, fluoride and other services will be based on each child’s individual needs and habits. We strive to make each visit fun, educational and memorable. To find out more, call us now at 6255 0770 or visit our website www.thomsondentalcentre.com ”Share” if you like this post!