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How to Brush and Maintain your Teeth with Braces

📧[email protected] Congratulations on getting your braces, Jacob. I’m going to go over how to take care of your braces. Now that you have your braces on you have to learn how to eat your food a little differently. As far as anything that’s hard: raw fruits, vegetables, pizza, french bread; anything that’s hard or mildly hard you want to get into the habit of cutting it up or tearing it up and placing it into the back. You’re not going to want to use your front teeth to bite down into anything. The pressure from that will cause your brackets to fall off. Also, as far as candy, you can’t have anything chewy or sticky: bubble gum, Now or Laters, Laffy Taffy, you can’t have any of that because that will also cause breakage. I’m going to go over how to brush your teeth. It’s very important with braces that when you brush your teeth, you get under and over your brackets. You want to make sure that you remove all the film away from your teeth, otherwise if that film sits on your teeth, it will turn into plaque, get hard, and start to form cavities on your teeth. When you floss your teeth, this is called Superfloss, a unique floss. It comes in a little bag like this, we’re going to give you a little sample. What’s unique about this floss is that you have a little plastic part, and a