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When we watch TV, see and hear some advertisements for chewing gum, we start to believe every little thing. The people making ads are talking about the advantages of their products. They persuade us, that their product will bring the customers only health and pleasant feelings after chewing: the teeth will be white. We seem to believe every little thing. But do not they lie? The chewing gum may be very helpful, healthy and helpful to our mouth, that is one of the most pleasant ways to keep the hygiene. But all we have to do is inspect the ingredients of the products, as they contain sugar. So, the question is: is gum bad for your teeth? The point lies in the next. People think that it is true and that they do not believe the ads on the TV.

Comparing Regular Chewing Gum vs. Sugar-Free Chewing Gum: Results

Some people like gums with sugar, as they are tasty and, they may be, still helpful for the teeth. But that is not true. Gums containing sugar are, actually, dangerous, as they help bacteria to stay in your mouth, for longer. And it’s really hard to wash them away, then. Besides, these gums provoke lots of diseases connected to the teeth, such as

Nowadays, everyone can find mobile dental app that can help with anything you want. You can find an app for tying knots, measuring the sizes, doing sums and many others. And besides of all of those apps, you can even find apps for your own dental care.

Dental healthcare apps can assist you to maintain your teeth clean. What those apps do is they show you, how people should care about themselves. They make you realize the cost of every procedure by showing the examples of proper healthcare. And also, they can teach kids some good habits that will stay forever.

Some apps can even show your appearance in case if you install braces or whiten your teeth. If you’ve ever thought about it but were worried about being bullied or looking not so good, then here we are.

There is a ton of dental apps in both Google Play and App Store, but how should a user know which one can actually solve your problem?

We’ve collected

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Have you ever got interested in your teeth? While brushing your tooth it is easy to notice that their structure is quite unique. All tooth are permanently divided into 4 types of teeth according to their position and shape. Here we got the question: what these teeth do and what they actually are?

Incisors or the main detail of your smile

They are considered to play the main role in your smile. The two large incisors situate in the forward mouth side and also two more besides these tooth, so they are fully responsible for the primary food processing, which falls for further chewing. They pass food into the mouth, biting off a piece of food. You also have four incisors on the bottom. In total, you have 8 incisors tooth. Usually, a person gets his or her first four incisors in infancy, but adult incisors appear in the period between 6 and 8. teeth

Canines (cone-shaped teeth)

One can find them without any difficulty; they’re cone-shaped (as a rule 4) teeth in your mouth which are responsible part and hold food, situated near to the first group of teeth we spoke about as on the bottom and top too. Traditionally they start to grow also in infancy at 16-20 months, and your