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Teeth hurt during bites when you try to bite off an Apple or nibble a candy. This feeling is something that arouses in neck or in the mouth. In most cases these uncomfortable feelings are rather slight something like unpleasant feeling that you may feel because of the fall of temperatures that can be caused by a cold lolly or warm pizza. However, if these painful feelings occur during biting, it may mean that you have rather serious problems. We have some information that you should know if have such unpleasant feelings in the process of biting or some sensibility to pressure you may do such things. What is the reason for the toothache during biting? There are different levels of tooth pain: sometimes it can be just blunt or an extremely strong and penetrating pain. There are some reasons for this sensibility and unpleasant feelings: -the gums don’t adjoin tightly -the layer of enamel is rubbing off -the filler destroys or ruptures or drops out. teeth hurt If the enamel on the tooth destroys, the dentin –the layer next to the enamel, both nerves or cells, it can be painful when you bite or chump some food

Everybody at least once in a lifetime suffered because of a toothache. “Teeth pain means my nerves are damaged”-the most common thought that occurs in a person’s mind even being far from stomatology. Cavities, the long-entrenched tooth decay, the presence of a hole because of the absence of filling causes a toothache usually. Another very common cause of ache is also hypersensitivity of teeth (irritation from cold, warm, sweet, sour). No matter what kind of a toothache you have, it is better to carry out regularly a visit to a specialist, at least for preventive purposes. But pain caught you by surprise, interrupts you from doing work, and the appointment to the dentist only tomorrow? This article provides you with easy recommendations for coping with that:

Use Ice cubes

It is considered that if you apply a warm thing to the aching tooth it will help you effectively to relieve the pain, however, it is a strong misconception. Heating increases blood flow, and therefore further strengthen a suffering place. On the contrary, applied ice can relieve pain. Sometimes pain can widen to another area of your head, so you can also apply ice to the earlobe, temples and the border of the h

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