The Braces Are Finally Off! And Now How Long Do You Have to Wear A Retainer in A Regular Life?

Beauty is a pain, isn’t it? The smile is an essential part of it, the thing that attracts people, winning their favour. Someone is lucky to be born with even white teeth, but, unfortunately, many struggles with some problems such as space between them. So there is a way to fix it by using braces, which is not a pleasant process and it may have an effect on your appearance, however, the result is definitely worth it. Finally, here comes the time to take them off and make your smile shine but it is not a complete freedom, for you have to wear a retainer afterwards. Disappointed? But maybe it is not that long period and there is nothing to be worried about. Let’s find out!

Understanding What Are The Retainers For

The braces seem to be quite enough for tooth smoothing and you can easily relax after taking them off, but is not particularly true.

Surely, you don’t want to waste your time and money in vain, and it is exactly what happens without the use of a retainer, because the teeth may need a support after that long period of orthodontic treatment, therefore the bones will not have enough power to stabilize teeth position. Especially, while eating they are in a great danger, so you better be patient for a while and put retainers on. The retainer is a mouthpiece with individual characteristics, which provides a necessary support for the teeth, though it still has a tendency of moving after a while.

And now to the point that worries the most, how long do you have to wear the retainers. Usually, one wears it for about a few months after a treatment for your bone to strengthen, but not constantly, before going to bed for sure and during daylight between having meals. Actually, it all depends on how long it takes to stabilize your own teeth position all cases are different, some are extremely complicated ones, but you may easily decrease the number of hours per day if you are sure to be ready after a necessary consultation with the doctor.

In fact, you may wear retainers (can you imagine?) every time before going to bed for the rest of your life. In that case, the result of your long painful treatment is well guarded, and honestly, it is not that difficult, meanwhile not ruining your appearance in a daytime, an important not for girls, isn’t it? However, using it at least a couple nights a week is also acceptable, if you happen to forget one day, and certainly much better than never. By the way, if you notice the tendency that you have to put them on constantly to keep the teeth safe, you ought to go to your doctor and ask for a review, there may be a defect or it just does not completely fit you.

It is important that the retainers will not require modification during your life, because they are not supposed to continue moving your teeth, but just stabilize the results.

After All, How Long Do You Have to Wear a Retainer After Treatment?

As stated above, the treatment period with braces is not enough for a recovery. Especially the first time you better wear retainers always except meals, because it is an unstable moment for your teeth to get back to that poor condition before braces. Moreover, when it is an extremely complicated case, such a hard work was done to get rid of it, do not lose it because of your laziness.

Follow one particular rule: keep the retainers on for a little more time than you had your braces. Only afterwards, you can easily decrease the duration of its wearing just to maintain a beautiful smile of yours, but do not ever forget about them.

Do Retainers Really Have To Be Worn By You All The Time?

Definitely, no — though try to keep them on as long as you are able to.

Obviously, you do not have to make a decision on your own; the consultation with your orthopedist should take place. Whether you are given a fixed or removable retainer depends on a case, so who else but the doctor has a detailed information about your treatment. Taking into account all said above, how long do we have to wear retainers?

Basically, the retention plan of fixed one is the first few months, followed by the replacement to the removable retainer.

How To Take Care of Your Retainer

Apart from how long do you have to wear retainers, one thing should be remembered — how do you have to maintain its cleanness? We are all accustomed to brushing our teeth after meals 2-3 times a day, just an elementary hygiene rule. It is exactly the same with removable retainers, but a little different process of soaking it in a special solution on a regular basis, sometimes you can even take them out and brush. As for fixed retainers, here is an incredible device for cleaning up food pieces, a Waterpik, easy to use and rather effective. It will not take much more time than you are used to spending with teeth.

As you see, it is not that difficult to sustain the retainers in good condition, let alone the positive effect it is going to have, you are going to feel attractive and beautiful. Do not ever neglect your own health due to irresponsible behaviour, take it really seriously even at a young age, and the future you will certainly thank the present one. The more thoroughly you are taking care of the retainers, cleaning regularly, the less time you will need to recover.

If your recklessness wins in the end and you refuse or forget to wear them, then all your efforts and misery will be in vain, they are rather weak after the treatment and without a proper support, it all goes down. So that your teeth will never be your pride. Think about how many dating, meetings and emotions you may miss, being simply embarrassed by your smile in public, so you may seem gloomy and moody all the time. A positive perspective? Do not think so. And now make a decision in a favour of retainers to lead a normal positive life, widely smiling to every stranger!

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