Top 6 Reasons You May Be Experiencing Severe Tooth Pain

Every person will face tooth pain sooner or later. Of course, it depends on people’s care of their oral cavity. But a severe toothache can surprise you at any time. Even mild pain shouldn’t be ignored. Sharp tooth pain always says about serious problems required an immediate solution.

Are You Suffering From Tooth Pain Wright Now?

A toothache is caused by various reasons. Some of them can be innocuous and just may bring malaise, another may cause serious pathological consequences. It’s necessary to know what should be done in case of having sharp tooth pain whatever reason was caused. Here you can see the most frequent reasons for a toothache.

6 Common Unexpected Tooth Pain Causes

There are different causes because of which you can feel sharp tooth pain, but the next happen the most often:

  • The decay of Tooth – There are two layers in the structure of the tooth. The outer protects more sensitive part. And if it is destroyed you can feel sharp tooth pain because of unprotected nerves placed in the inner
  • Fracture of Teeth – This problem is similar to the previous one. But in that case, the causes are mechanical impacts, such as damages in eating. The more destruction the stronger the pain will be.
  • Tooth with Abscesses – Such a pathological condition usually is caused by an infection if the tooth has some fractures in outer or inner layers. Often the pain is throbbing in such cases. Also, it could be a purulence next to the tooth or inside it.
  • Repetitive Motion – as all surfaces teeth wear down every day during eating. These repetitive motions make the outer layer of tooth thinner, so the inner layer (that is more sensitive) is not protected.
  • Damaged Filling – The nerves protected by the outer layer can be rub by damaged inner layer, so you can feel sharp tooth pain during eating or even at rest.
  • Problems with Gums – The tooth pain can be caused not only by mechanical impacts. If you have problems with gums you can feel it like tooth pain. For example, it may be caused by infection.

Effective Ways to Relieve Severe Tooth Pain

You don’t need to put with tooth pain up. There are different effective ways you can use at home, that can overcome even the most severe pain.

  • Cough Drop – if you have a minor pain you can use a cough drop which has anaesthetic in its consist. But its amount is not enough to suppress severe pain.
  • You can use Floss – sometimes the cause of tooth pain is very simple and you can get rid of it by usual floss. The food which trapped between teeth can make a serious discomfort.
  • Make a mix of Glove and Olive Oil – you should mix few drops of these oils. Then take a cotton ball soaked in it and place it to the necessary site.
  • Hot Tea Bag – Aside from oil you can use a usual tea bag in the same way. The pain will decrease by tannic acid. Besides, the swelling will be successfully reduced in that way.

When you need to See a Dentist about severe Tooth Pain

Ideally, you should regularly visit a dentist to make sure that your teeth are alright. But if you prefer to examine your oral cavity yourself you should know some symptoms that mustn’t be ignored.

  • Two days is too long for innocuous tooth pain.
  • Also, sharp tooth pain is an excuse to go to the doctor.
  • If a toothache is accompanied by pain of your mouth when you are eating or just open it wide.
  • If you feel pain not only in teeth but also in your ear.

Proper Oral Health is the Best Prevention for Tooth Pain of any kind

Prevention is the best medicine for your teeth. You must brush twice a day. Also, your teeth need floss after each meal. If you will take care of your oral cavity in such a simple way you won’t know what does the sharp tooth pain mean.

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