What are the Key Benefits of an Electric Toothbrush?

Everyone knows that a careful tooth cleaning simply two or three minutes two times a day is a guarantee of a healthy and attractive oral cavity. Benefits of electric toothbrush

However, have you or your family member ever heard of the numerous benefits of electric toothbrushes? Maybe you have heard something, but let’s figure it out together. There are significant benefits in using them. It can simplify our daily routine of caring for the oral cavity.

In accordance with the latest research, the appliance of an electric toothbrush has a lot of merits than a regular one. For instance, it is possible to decrease plaque by eleven per cent during 1, 2 or 3 months and by twenty-one percents for three months as opposed to usual brushing.

It reduces the danger of gum inflammation as well. Research participants could see a 6% decrease in inflamed gum provided that they were making use of an electric toothbrush for 1-3 month, and an 11% reduction as the result of 6 months using. These benefits cannot be described as insignificant bacteria and seriously inflamed gums can cause gingivitis and periodontitis, also known as gum disease, which can lead to more hazard diseases like coronary, mental deficiency and strokes (CVA).

There are several disadvantages, though, like expensive cost and taking up more space as opposed to a regular tooth brushing.

Let’s review some basic pluses and minuses of an electric toothbrush, and answer the question: “Can a high price become a strategic contribution for future health and consequently in the quality of your life?”

Pros of Use an Electric Toothbrush

Firstly, reducing the risk that the gums will be inflamed and, secondly, keeping your cash from wasting on your healthcare over the long-term period of time. The dos and dont’s are discussed below.

Cover More Surface of Your Teeth Faster

Now we know about the benefits that electric toothbrushes give us, but what numbers can tell us? 1 000 bristle motions per one minute is the result which you can get when using electric toothbrush and, occasionally, the number of strokes can reach 10,000 bristle motions per one minute, in comparison with the simple toothbrush by which you can make only three hundred bristle motions per minute.

Reduce Risk of Serious and Life-Threatening Conditions

Based on the data from this research above, an electric toothbrush can help diminish the number of oral bacteria, and it’s good news for all of us because they can lead to different serious health problems. These health problems can take many dangerous forms as heart attack and CVA. If you are having problems with your gums, then you have three times more chances to suffer from an insult than people who are not. CVA is the most frequent reason for serious and long-lasting disability for American citizens, and one of the major reason for death. Heart disease also relates to them.

Save Your Money on Medical Bills and Health Insurance

We can avoid tooth decay only because of utilizing the electric toothbrush. It removes plaque off and it gives the desired results in tooth health. One of the most valuable sides of these toothbrushes is saving money because now you can avoid an annoying annual visit to the dentist, so forget about the medical bills.

The average cost of fillings varies between one hundred thirty and one thousand two hundred dollars. In addition to the money, you can spend on medical bills to pay for treatment of dental caries and periodontitis. Problems with gums can provoke the infection, and it increases an opportunity of the beginning of heart disease. If you have health insurance, it will cover most of your medical bills, and the disease only cost you about one thousand six hundred dollars of your own money.

If you don’t have an insurance, a coronary can cost you up to one hundred thousand dollars or much more. An electric toothbrush is an ideal option for the following group of people because their teeth need more thorough mouth cleaning:

  • Children: sometimes they can have difficulties while brushing the teeth with the help of usual brushes;
  • People wearing braces: automatic toothbrushes can eliminate plaque from the teeth surface and the corners;
  • Ineffective means of brushing: if a person cannot break up enough dental plaque with the help of usual toothbrushes, then he should use electric toothbrushes;
  • People with difficulties in using their hands.

Let’s discuss the possible disadvantages of electric toothbrushes. For instance, the high cost and a false sense of better brushing can be the negative sides for a lot of people.

Much More Expensive Cost

Electric toothbrushes, typically, cost up to one hundred dollars or even more, whereas regular toothbrushes can be bought with a few dollars. Furthermore, these brushes need additional costs. You will buy an extra brush head because they wear for three months as a “classic” toothbrush.

False Sense of Better Tooth Brushing

The thing people need to realize is that it will not do your own work. Sometimes people have a wrong sense of brushing better without any own efforts. This wrong idea is harmful to us. We still need to take care of our teeth thoroughly, and brush for the full two or three minutes each time, obviously, if you want to produce the right result in the form of your healthy teeth and gums.

Less Portable Device

One more minus is the size of such toothbrushes. They are larger than manual ones, so they are harder to carry in the bag.

Even though an electric toothbrush doesn’t automatically guarantee we will get rid of tooth plaque and our gums will become healthy, it significantly increases our chances to get your teeth and gums sound and by replacement of a manual toothbrush to electric toothbrush. An electric toothbrush is worth its initial high value because of reducing the risk of problems with gums and other serious health issues that could follow.

You really must get to know and understand the principal moment in oral health: this is taking care of your teeth every morning and every evening for no less than two or three minutes each time.

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