What Is Oral Surgery And Why Would I Apparently Need It?

As you might know, it is recommended to visit a dentist twice a year. Sometimes it happens that a stomatologist relegates a client to an oral surgeon and it really makes the one, who anticipates such a procedure, feel afraid and even scared. However, to all intents and purposes, there is no need for this. Let us introduce to you the part of dentology, that is termed as an oral surgery, and clarify all details with a view answering the question “What does an oral surgeon do?”

Distinguishing Dental Duties: What is Oral Surgery in Dentistry?

To begin with, it will be useful to know that oral surgery and facio-maxillary surgery exist like twins. While oral surgery takes care of your mouth, facio-maxillary surgery is in charge of your face and jaws. So what does an oral and maxillo-facial surgeon do? If a person has a trauma of the head, neck, face, jaws or hard and soft oral tissues the surgeon will diagnosticate, cure them or conduct an operation where required. Across the globe, oral and maxillo-facial surgery is regarded as a separate interventional discipline.

In a real sense the one, who intends to be identified as an oral surgeon in the future, after four years of a dental college has to accomplish at least four years of a hospital oral and maxillo-facial surgery residency program which covers knowledge in pain management and anaesthesia.

So, just keep in mind, that on the chance if your dentist advises you to visit an oral surgeon, it is not necessarily about a complex therapy you need for your teeth! Hence, there is an advanced surgeon who professionalizes in such cases. Just trust your stomatologist!

When and Why Might You Need an Oral Surgeon?

Oral surgery might be needed for such common issues as implant fixtures, as well as, among other things, for the therapy of a jaw tumour or cyst. Therefore, a solution for esthetic or reparative needs will obviously be found. A client also might be directed to a maxillo-facial and oral surgeon for the following issues:

  • Prosopalgia (facial pain) or temporomandibular pain-dysfunction syndrome;
  • Problems with third molars;
  • Broken or dislocated jaw;
  • Restorative surgery upon receiving an injury;
  • Cheiloschisis (cleft lip) and palatal surgery;
  • Cancer in the facial area, jaw or neck;
  • Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome.

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