What is the best for your teeth: lingual braces or ceramic ones?

If we speak about the braces, there are 2 ways: to wear lingual braces cost and ceramic braces. We will call them Lingual  and Ceramic braces.

The way the Lingual braces work is wearing them behind your teeth. Traditionally they are used by orthodontists in smoothing and fixation of your teeth. In this technology they use some amount of glue to connect braces to teeth and they can’t be seen.

The second variety of invisible braces is ceramic one. At first, to make the right choice of braces you should think about such things when you want to buy them:

1Are you interested in level of visibility of your braces?

2 Is it bearable to cope with some short oral effects?

3 Will they divert you?

4 What is amount of money you have?

5 Level of importance of braces visibility?

1Are you interested in level of braces visibility ?

In fact, technology of your braces’ attaching in both cases is the same: they are connected to the front or to the back part of your teeth. However, metal braces are very visible in the process of laughing, smiling and speaking. Also, there are a lot of people that prefer to wear less visible braces, so they feel themselves more confident. There is a great amount of braces’ varieties and their first purpose is to conceal this metal that is rather visible on your teeth.

It’s interesting that, the main purpose of lingual braces is hiding brackets on the back side of the teeth. Unlike the ordinary braces, the Ceramic braces are made from such materials as: plastic or porcelain, which is rather light or of the color that is similar to the natural teeth color.

2 Is it bearable to cope with some short oral effects

It’s normal if you have some influence on oral ability   after wearing Lingual braces for some weeks. There are some problems with pronunciation, swallowing of some sounds, that can prevent from proper pronouncing.  Though, it is not so important and for a short time, it can be important if your work depends on your abilities like a speaker. Like ordinary braces, Ceramic braces have the same effect on speech but they almost don’t touch the tongue, so your speech becomes normal faster.

3 Will it divert you?

Lingual braces sometimes may hurt some parts of mouth, for the first 2 weeks or when they are tightened. That’s why it takes more time to fix them, according to that your visits to the orthodontist will be longer too. It is obvious that such procedure is suitable for teenagers, grown-ups, and kids over the age of 10 who can bear such visits to the dentist and time of debugging

Ceramic braces touch your tongue less, however they are larger than ordinary metal brackets. Though, it is known that many people claim about the hurting on their lips and gums as a result.

What sum of money do you have?

Lingual braces are specially attached to the teeth and it demands a lot of accuracy and professionalism. Due to that, the price of such braces is higher. Also, the price depends on the quality of orthodontist. As Ceramic braces are rather easy to fix, materials are more expensive in comparison to ordinary ones. If you have dental insurance it will cost you less –but before making such decision you should check it before. Do you really need such a purchase? Look through this article to learn advantages and disadvantages of braces “The price of the braces and are they suitable for purchasing?”

Ceramic Braces against Lingual Braces

A short review

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1Are you interested in the level of visibility of your braces?


The best decision to wear Lingual- or Ceramic braces
2 Is it bearable to cope with some short oral effects?


Lingual braces influence your speech more
3 Will it divert you? Lingual brace may touch the tongue, and sometimes it’s not so pleasant, long visits to the orthodontist. Ceramic braces can hurt the inner part of your mouth
4What sum of money do you have? The price of Lingual and Ceramic braces is higher than the price of traditional ones.


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