Why do my teeth hurt when I bite something?

Teeth hurt during bites when you try to bite off an Apple or nibble a candy. This feeling is something that arouses in neck or in the mouth. In most cases these uncomfortable feelings are rather slight something like unpleasant feeling that you may feel because of the fall of temperatures that can be caused by a cold lolly or warm pizza. However, if these painful feelings occur during biting, it may mean that you have rather serious problems. We have some information that you should know if have such unpleasant feelings in the process of biting or some sensibility to pressure you may do such things.

What is the reason for the toothache during biting?

There are different levels of tooth pain: sometimes it can be just blunt or an extremely strong and penetrating pain. There are some reasons for this sensibility and unpleasant feelings:

-the gums don’t adjoin tightly

-the layer of enamel is rubbing off

-the filler destroys or ruptures or drops out.

teeth hurt

If the enamel on the tooth destroys, the dentin –the layer next to the enamel, both nerves or cells, it can be painful when you bite or chump some food. Also, there is some probability that some hard products can cause painful feelings, such as apples or nuts. It can be caused by the night grinding or eating products containing acid. You should replace products on the products that don’t contain acid. If you are a night grinder, visit a specialist for the best healing. There are also another reasons for this uncomfortable feeling such as cleaning teeth very fast, using a lot of strength, or when you use a toothbrush with tough fibres , or when you use some products for whitening of teeth.

Teeth hurt – what to do if the tooth pain means rather important problems?

Sometimes if you have a toothache, it means that you have a lot of dental problems, such as empty content, infection, bosom cracks or fissures. Also, the pulp tissue can be destroyed.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.

There is such opportunity that painful feelings in jaws means that you have the abscess in the connective tissues. These connective tissues are called temporomandibular joints and when they sore or painful it means that you have TMJD.

What to do when your teeth hurt when you bite down.

It’s not so important why you have such painful feelings, it’s necessary to visit a dentist. Only a specialist can give the recipe and to prescribe the scheme of treatment you need before it becomes an extremely awful disease.

The damage connected with the pulp tissues.

Such problems can be solved by an endodontist. This specialist can clear he canals, disinfect all the pulps and fill the hollow parts.


The way you’ll be healed depends on the reasons of the pain, these methods are:

-to wear the protective night guard

-to make remedial surgery

-to relief the pain during swelling

-different cradles that change the position of your jaws

Different mechanisms that shorten the pressure when you gnash your teeth

-extensions to knead the muscles of chop

-warm or cold layings to seize the pain

Accomplishing of careful oral health pattern prevents from tooth destroying and the illnesses of gingivas. Permanent surveys by the dentist will you help to avoid any oral problems and notice even slight changes before it is too late.

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