What We Have Learned From An Unusual Tooth Decay Experiment With Simple Eggshells

Today we are going to discuss a very sensitive problem. It is paradoxically, but everything that is tasty is totally bad for health! Everybody heard in his childhood: “Do not eat too many sweets!” or “Sugar destroys your teeth”. But not many people know how sugar does this harm. So, they do not regulate the amount of sweet in a diet. Excessive consumption of sugar is the main reason for cavity and other serious problems with tooth health.

To prove the negative influence of sugar on your teeth, you can simply do some entertaining experiments with children. You need just eggshells that are easier to find in each house. You may ask: “Why eggshells?”. The answer is ordinary, eggshells are identical with human tooth enamel.

A Funny Tooth Decay Experiment With Delicate Eggshells to Teach Your Little Kids

To demonstrate to children what is going with their teeth after an ice cream, candies or Pepsi, you should perform a scientific test. The point is that when you eat or drink sweet products, the acid is formed. Under the influence of acid, a lot of bacteria are developed, spoiling our enamel.

So, take the following things: 4 white boiled eggs, your favourite fizzy drink or vinegar, a brush tooth, tooth-paste, three glasses.

Preparation stage:

Until you begin the test, request your children to speculate about what will be with their teeth if they drink any fizzy drinks. Tell them that eggshells are like human’s enamel and they will see egg transformation under fizzy drink.

Comical Eggshell Experiment 1

  1. Boil eggs.
  2. Cooldown eggs, monitor them, they must be smooth.
  3. Pour water into the first glass. Pour your favourite fizzy drink into the second glass.
  4. Put one egg in each glass.
  5. Leave them for twenty-four hours

That’s all with first tooth decay experiment with eggshells

After a day, get eggs out of the glasses and study them very carefully with children. In fact, the process of interaction between calcium, containing in eggshell, and fizzy drink has happened. As a result, eggshells vanish and eggs stay in the thin shell.

Make a conclusion with children, that sugar, containing in fizzy drinks influence badly on their teeth, step by step their enamel is being disappeared. By the way, with such egg children can play. If you throw it away, it will jump as a rubber ball. But be careful, they can burst and dirty up everything.

Amusing Eggshell Experiment 2

Let’s surprise our little friends once more. Carry out another funny test to convince them of the negative character of sugar.

As in the previous test, you need eggs, fizzy drink or vinegar and toothpaste.

  1. Boil eggs
  2. Cooldown eggs, monitor them, they must be smooth.
  3. Spread toothpaste over two eggs. Leave them alone and wait a day.
  4. After a day, get eggs out of the glasses, clean them very delicate from left toothpaste.
  5. Then pour water into the first glass. Pour your favourite fizzy drink into the second glass.
  6. Put our cleaned eggs in each glass.
  7. Again stay them at a temperature +24 for one day.
  8. After a day, get eggs out of the glasses and study them very carefully with children. Compare eggs from fizzy drink and water. Make a conclusion with children.

What Do We Learn Useful From Tooth Decay Experiment With Egg Shells?

These tests show your child how harmful can be sugar for our tooth health. You need not any special instruments or agents. Moreover, you teach your child in the form of the game. Well, some results that you can conclude:

  1. A tooth is consists of calcium, phosphor and other minerals. All these elements under the influence of acid unfortunately disappear. Such destructive acid we have in fizzy drinks, coffee, tea, juice and so on.
  2. There is an intriguing situation. The thing is some products can be very healthy for our organism at the same time they may occur dangerous for our teeth. For instance, any citrus fruit has vitamin C that is very important for our immunity but the acid, they include, ruins tooth enamel.
  3. Also, fizzy and other drinks may colour teeth. Have you seen any spots on tested eggs? It is not good!
  4. Toothpaste was invented to not only to clean teeth but also to prevent their decaying. That is why doctors recommend brushing teeth two times, in the morning and in the evening. It forms defending cover. It is better to visit your dentist for constant fluoride procedures.
  5. Sugar produces some viscous matter, named plaque, it places on your teeth and bacteria star to breed. They manufacture acid that affects your teeth, gradually absorb them.

We wish these cheerful tooth decay experiment with eggshells will change your children attitude to sweet things and drinks. It will teach them to treat teeth cautiously, not to forget to clean them every day, consume sugar in moderation. So, they need not go to the dentist for removing ill teeth.

As we understand, sugar is the real serious enemy of our friends. Specialists insist urged to limit sugar using. This is to say nothing about the negative effect on skin, cardiovascular and bone system and also characteristic to raise insulin in the blood and to intensify the appetite.

For reference, there is an available method to identify how much picky the product is – just notice what way it was made. If a professional chef does magic on it, possibly there is a lot of sugar. If you see a natural product like honey, fruit, berries or nuts, its harm is minimal or at all absent. All these natural sweets help to satisfy yourself with a dessert without harm to teeth and all organism. One more, do not put sugar in tea or coffee, instead of this, put a spoon of honey. All over the world dentist advice to refuse from eating sugar.

Our article about tooth decay experiment with eggshells is finishing. We hope it has turned out to be helpful.

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