What’s The Invisalign Price Compared To Dental Braces?

Modern revolutionary aligners are considered to be a great alternative to old metal braces and are used to improve teeth and your smile. When thinking of the cost of Invisalign and dental braces, one should remember that not only money matter in the modern world. Nowadays people judge by appearance. The Invisalign cost is quite reasonable because it is a great investment in your own image. Although metal braces are cheaper, they are much more inconvenient in usage. So overpayment for Invisalign system is quite reasonable. Let s look at the benefits of this new system.

Certain Invisalign Benefits Over Braces

Invisalign has got quite apparent perks in comparison with metal braces. Here you can read some of them:

  1. Are you fond of tasty food? You cannot imagine your life without your favourite snack? It is no longer a problem. You can forget about your forced diet. Invisalign provides a great possibility to eat what and when you want. Just remove the aligner trays from your mouth and enjoy your tasty meal. Then brush the teeth and put the aligners back. You will not have to deal with the small bits of food stuck in your braces. And that is great.
  2. Your image will not suffer. In comparison to braces, Invisalign is difficult to notice because its transparent, practically invisible. Moreover, you can take it off for a while, if you are getting ready to an important event. It will not hurt your reputation during a business meeting or a date. At the same time, ugly braces are visible and not removable, they spoil your smile and make some peopl,e feel shy.
  3. Oral health will be more convenient. It is quite difficult to clean the teeth properly if you wear braces. Braces contribute to the accumulation of plaque, which leads to teeth decay. So you will have to do your best to clean your teeth. On the contrary, this process is much easier if you have aligners. It`s possible to remove it, clean your teeth, then put it back. It is ,quite easy, isn’t it? The best way to clean aligners is to use a toothbrush and to wash it with warm water. It is also possible to buy special cleaning powder or pills.
  4. Say “No” to pain. A lot of people, who wear metal braces tend to complain about discomfort that they cause. Different sores, pain because of sharp parts of braces, which rub the mucous membrane in your mouth, all these problems are solved with the help of aligners. They are made of BPA-free clear plastic, which is rather comfortable. At first, of course, you may undergo tension and little ache. However, you soon get used to this. Some time later you will not pay any attention to it. Although Invisalign can t solve some problems, they are, indeed, more subtle and soft. Also, you do not need to tighten it. You only have to change them every two weeks. Every new set of aligners will be done especially for you, according to your requirements.
  5. It saves our precious time. Time is rather valuable nowadays for most people. Wearing traditional metal braces, a patient will have to see a doctor once per month. At the same time Invisalign will allow you to go to the dentist every six weeks, just follow the treatment plan, developed by a specialist. You will be able to spend more time on your work or hobby, not on visiting a hospital.

The Price for Invisalign, Compared to Traditional Braces

It is rather difficult to say, how much Invisalign costs. The total price depends greatly on the problems you have with the teeth. The more dental problems you have, the more time you will have to correct them. All in all, it takes from 9 to 18 months, so the period of treatment influences directly the price.

The price for traditional metal braces varies from $3,000 to $7,000.

Invisalign cost is higher because the process of production is more sophisticated. You will have to pay $4,000 – $8,000. In both cases, the exact price should be discussed with the dentist because there are several treatments that can involve extra payment.

If you have got a health insurance, you may pay part of your expenses through it.

The Final Word about New Invisalign System

We all want a beautiful, white, even teeth, but some of us need the help of professionals. Several years ago the only method to straighten the teeth were braces. Nowadays we have one more technology, aligners. This orthodontic system is used if you have no serious problems with the teeth. People with more severe problems need more complex treatment. This procedure suits a lot of people with dental problems. Teenagers will like it because they are not eager to wear ugly metal braces. Adults will also find a lot of advantages in wearing this orthodontic system. But do remember that aligners are not suitable for small children. It is better to find another option for them.

To sum up, the Invisalign cost is higher than that of traditional braces. But still, they have more obvious advantages. They improve your appearance without influencing your life greatly. You do not need to follow a strict diet, wear aligners during important business meetings, suffer from unpleasant feelings. Unlike braces, you can easily remove soft aligners, when needed. The only rule is that you should wear it 20-24 hours per day. If you wear it less than needed there you will not get any positive result.

It is quite clear that its cost is justified. You just pay for your comfort and get pleasure from this treatment. If you became interested, you need to arrange a meeting with your doctor and he will explain you all the details.

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