Why do I feel discomfort with my teeth during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an extremely difficult and rather challenging thing in life of every woman. Everything changes in your body.Unexpectedly, your body and especially your teeth and gums feel different during this period. Often, you can feel teeth pain while pregnant when you Wake up in the morning or during the meal.

It’s very important to keep your body health, especially everything that is connected with your teeth should be in right condition not to influence your child.Observe the details of changes that happen in your mouth to be ready to cope with some discomfort.

teeth pain while pregnant

The sensibility of the teeth

Sometimes it can happen that the mouth would feel every cold and hot food. It can concern whole mouth or just some part or particle. You may feel that your gums and teeth pinch or pulsate during drinking or eating something cold or warm and you had never had such feelings before being pregnant.  Sensibility is able to alter its volumes. It’s interesting to know that there are such hormones like estrogen and progesterone in the body and their amount grows every day. They influence the way the blood flows and it leads to great amount of it in the gums, that’s why the sensibility of your gums is so high during this period. In the case if you gnash your teeth it may cause unpleasant feeling in your mouth. Usually, teeth gnashing is the sequence of stressful situations and being pregnant can even aggravate the situation.

Test yourself if you are a nighttime tooth grinder. When a woman gives birth to her child usually this sensibility passes away, but you should visit a specialist when this problem arouses.

Something about the toothache

In most cases this little discomfort becomes real painful senses. Sometimes this discomfort can be felt in different parts of the mouth. Under the pressure of blood teeth feel pain more and more and even little slice of food can’t be chewed. Sometimes, being pregnant means stop taking different drugs for the sinuses due to allergies or another condition. Discomfort in your teeth can be also caused by pressure on the sinuses that was caused by the stress on your jaws and face.

Why do us loose teeth during pregnancy. In the case if  teeth are wiggling, it is a problem that you had long time ago. But the problem of wiggling, painful senses and sensitiveness is a very common among pregnant women. It’s not something you should be afraid of, it doesn’t mean that you would lose teeth. The cause of wiggling is in your pregnancy hormones effect your system of muscles, they relax and it affects the teeth and gums. Eventually, due to these consequences, teeth become a little wiggling. If you prefer to calm down, you‘d better visit our specialist and everything will be cleared out.

Do you have more cavities?

If you have a toothache, it may mean that you are inclined to have cavities during pregnancy.

It happens according to 3 main aspects:

1 Morning sickness When you vomit in the morning, the acid erupts enamel that was the protective mechanism of your teeth and it leads to the cavities.

2 Hormones: During pregnancy there could happen some hormone disbalance and it influences the protective mechanism of the body: it’s easier for different plaques to appear.

3 Diet: Sometimes pregnant women want to eat more and not always this food is healthy and useful, it can also have a negative impact on the teeth.

One more effect: swollen, red or bleeding gums.

During pregnancy blood stream and great amount of hormones causes the pressure in the gums, that’s why they bulge and become painful.

Gingivitis is one of the diseases that can be caused by a high blood stream and hormones that appear in the body of a pregnant woman. This is the first grade of gum illness. Sometimes there are cases when pregnant women experience some neoplasm on the surface of gums. It’s not so scary, it’s not a malignant neoplasm it’s just some parts of bulging that can appear on the surface of the teeth. This layer is so vulnerable that it often bleeds and may cause rather painful feelings. Usually it happens in the period from the 4th till the 6TH months of pregnancy. The process of taking food and drinking may hurt the gum; nevertheless you should clean your teeth not to spread an infection in your mouth. All the painful feelings should disappear after giving birth to a child, but if something worries you, it’s better to visit the dentist.

Some methods to prevent mouth, gum and tooth pain during pregnancy.

As these unpleasant things will appear, there are some pieces of advice that can help to seize and concentrate on this time in your life:

You can use the toothpaste for sensitive teeth: it would help to minimize painful feelings in your mouth.

Tender toothbrush: tough fiber can traumatize the gums.  In this case you should change your toothbrush on the brush with tender fiber.

Protection in night: when you wear such things it protects from gnashing during night period.

Calcium: newborn children need calcium and when they can’t receive enough through blood, they absorb it through osseous system of their mother. The great amount of calcium provides healthy teeth and gums, so you have to receive more calcium from different sources like food and it should solve some dental problems.

Rinsing with salt or sea water it is known that such kind of substance can relief different painful feelings, to accomplish the sanitation of oral cavity. It is one of the safest and effective methods to minimize the risk of different oral disease and infections.

One more methods of oral rinsing: there are also toothpastes that contain antimicrobial and fluoridated substances, they wouldn’t harm and have a very tender impact. Also, there is one more recipe for mouth rinsing: you need to take some amount f soda with water and it will be a really good medicine from the morning vomiting.

Cleaning of your teeth: You have to be used to everyday cleaning of your teeth fore some times it’s better to do it two times a day it would help to prevent the enamel from erupting.

Keep a healthy lifestyle, it’s necessary to receive such vitamins as: Vitamin C that helps to prevent different infections, Vitamin A prevents from various illnesses of gums, and a healthy well-balanced food would give all the necessary nutrition substances for the mother and her child.

Try to evade the allergen challenges: it’s obvious that difference between the temperatures can provoke some uncomfortable feelings; you should evade such difference of temperatures. Also, it’s necessary to exclude any veritable reasons for these uncomfortable feelings.

Is it possible to go to the dentist, if there are teeth pain while pregnant?

It’s a controversial question: should I go to the dentist during my pregnancy? What is the solution? It’s normal to go to different specialists, such as dentists during the pregnancy. In opinion of OB/GYN s specialist it’s a normal behavior.

Permanent brushing: you should accomplish cleaning of your teeth every year it will be the best solution as it can influence your child.  If you visit a specialist and you know that you are pregnant, you should warn your doctor, so he can adjust the healing and make it appropriate.

Oral roentgen rays: it’s a controversial question that x-rays are not harmful for pregnant women, there is no proof that it’s harmful or not, that’s why you should do it after giving a birth to a child.

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